WRESTLING: Saturday's North Dakota regional results

N.D. Class A East Region In Devils Lake, Saturday Team totals West Fargo 289.5, Fargo Davies 181, GF Red River 145, Valley City 141.5, Fargo North 141, Wahpeton 137, Fargo South 121.5, GF Central 104, Devils Lake 94 Top eight placers The top eigh...

N.D. Class A

East Region

In Devils Lake, Saturday

Team totals

West Fargo 289.5, Fargo Davies 181, GF Red River 145, Valley City 141.5, Fargo North 141, Wahpeton 137, Fargo South 121.5, GF Central 104, Devils Lake 94


Top eight placers

The top eight finishers advance to the North Dakota Class A state tournament, which begins Thursday in Bismarck.

106 - Championship: Tom Walton, FN, over Mario Bell, FS, 8-3; third: Reed Cronin, WF (unattached), over Jesse Shearer, WF, 2-1; fifth: Jacob Berg, Wahp (un.), over Marvin Berry, FS (un.), by forfeit; seventh: Tyler Keener, GFC, over Jamison Richter, RR, 13-5

113 - Championship: Jordan Shearer, WF, over Kalik Battle, GFC, 12-0; third: Bryce Burnside, FD, over Lukas Maughan, FN, 15-0; fifth: Tyler Young, GFC (un.), over Logan Meyer, Wahp, MFF; seventh: Anthony Nemer, FD (un.), over Brandon Hanson, GFC (un.), MFF

120 -- Championship: Trevor Kringlie, WF, over Joey Good, DL, 19-4; third: Dillon Finch, FD, over Jacob Thiel, Wahp, 2:20; fifth: Rashidi Kikopa, FS, over Anthony Coronato, FN, 15-9; seventh: Adrian Stallworth, GFC, over Sean Murphy, RR, by forfeit

126 -- Championship: Kollin Kragnes, WF, over Mark Miller, VC, 16-0; third: Juan Rodriguez, WF (un.), over Jacob Clouse, DL, 7-2; fifth: Rodell Johnson, RR, over Esham Moses, FN, 0:23; seventh: Chase Christen, RR (un.), over Logan Rhode, FS, 3-2

132 -- Championship: Cole Mehring, FD, over Weston Dobler, WF, 4-3; third: Christian Ramberg, WF (un.), over Cody Hickel, Wahp, 4:04; fifth: Michael Bell, FS, over Jordan Magnuson, VC (un.), 7-5; seventh: Samuel Berntson, FN, over Jackson Lemnus, VC, 8-3

138 -- Championship: Anjelo Sheperd, WF, over Austin Schall, DL, 6-3; third: Myrone Bell, FS, over Shane Undem, VC, 5-2; fifth: Ethan Meide, Wahp, over Gunnar Hanevold, RR, 8-0; seventh: Spencer Oen, GFC, over Malek Larimer, RR (un.), 3:50


145 -- Championship: Billy Rerick, RR, over Reed Beckman, VC, 9-6; third: Kyle Kragnes, WF, over Wyatt Meyer, Wahp, by forfeit; fifth: Cole Alexander, FD, over Damond Brokke, DL, by forfeit; seventh: Everett Komrosky, VC (un.), over Adam Stoker, GFC, by injury default

152 -- Championship: Michael Lehmann, Wahp, over Bryce Fish, GFC, 9-5; third: Darren Crissler, FD, over Zach Manthie, FN, 2:43; fifth: Kameron McNary, Wahp (un.), over Erik Jones, GFC (un.), MFF; seventh: Tanner Kuznia, WF, over Tommy Good, DL, 8-6

160 -- Championship: T.J. Poole, GFC, over Andy Walton, FN, 3-1; third: Shelby Schulz, WF, over Garret Heiden, FS, by forfeit; fifth: Derek Bartholomay, FN (un.), over Taylor Heinz, Wahp, 1:25; seventh: Michael Forrester, RR, over Skylar Cordero, WF (un.), 2:44

170 -- Championship: Miles Scholl, WF, over Zander Mairs, FD, 14-4; third: Quin Segal, FN, over Evan Moser, RR, 4:24; fifth: Jake Solem, FS, over Spencer Edwardson, Wahp, 3:40; seventh: Wyatt Bjornson, VC, over Gavin Rook, FN (un.), by injury default

182 -- Championship: Preston Lehmann, WF, over Jared Bertsch, RR, 1:10; third: Cody Nielson, FS, over Jeremiah Goodman, FN, 2:34; fifth: Kyle Terrill, GFC, over Michael Nemer, FD, 8-5; seventh: Quinn Martin, FD, over Hunter McCall, Wahp, 3:42

195 -- Championship: Brandon Larson, VC, over Drew Johnson, WF, 1:46; third: Drew Brekhus, RR, over Nick Kjera, FD, 9-2; fifth: Noah Kaber, VC (un.), over Leon Dubois, DL, 2:08; seventh: Brandon Glimsdahl, GFC, over Chandler Olafson-Homan, FN, by injury default

220 -- Championship: Darrek Crissler, FD, over Brady Beckman, VC, by injury defaultD; third: Steven Sola, WF, over David Kjera, FD, 11-0; fifth: Olaf Hanson, Wahp, over Josh Deike, FN, by forfeit; seventh: Ryan Oster, RR, over Seferino Hernandez, GFC, by injury default

285 -- Championship: Bryan Bjerk, RR, over Josh Schlicht, FS, 3:03; third: Jacob Lagasse, DL, over Zach Eider, WF, 8-2; fifth: Hunter Swensen, FD, over Steven Horner, VC, by forfeit; seventh: Tyler Ringdahl, Wahp, over Joe Mehrer, FS (un.), 2:22


N.D. Class B

Region 2

In Casselton, Saturday

Team totals

North Border-Cavalier 212.5, Carrington 212, Central Cass 203.5, Hillsboro 136.5, Larimore 122, Grafton 113.5, Harvey-Wells County 66, Mayville-Portland-Clifford-Galesburg 60

Top four placers

The top four finishers in each weight class qualify for the Class B state tournament, which begins Thursday in Bismarck.

106 - Championship: Sawyer Blumhardt, CC, over Bradyn Horgan, NB-C, 10-2; third: Lucas Brown, Carr, over Brendan Gregoire, Lar, 1:41


113 - Championship: Dustin Schmiess, H-WC, over Nathan Volk, CC, 10-7; third: Jeff Ulvog, NB-C, over Patrick Freeman, Car, 1:39

120 - Championship: Joe Bakke, Car, over Luke Hastings, Hill, 16-0; third: Christian Feldmann, Lar, over Lane Berg, CC, 8-1

126 - Championship: Walker Carr, Car, over Jaron Lunday, Graf, 10-5; third: Jesse Schurman, NB-C, over Camron Flick, CC, 2:11

132 -- Championship: Wyatt Morten, Lar, over Preston Koenig, CC, 3-0; third: Jesus Flores, Graf, over Chris Miller, NB-C, 10-7

138 -- Championship: Adam Dullea, CC, over Quinten Koble, H-WC, 4-2; third: Zach Schafer, Car, over Gabe Schill, NB-C, 10-0

145 -- Championship: Kyle Schultz, CC, over Tanner Keller, H-WC, 0:54; third: Riley Lura, Car, over Logan Elliot, M-P-C-G, 4:03

152 -- Championship: Jordan Bolstad, Hill, over Brett Schurman, NB-C, 2:36; third: Lane Anderson, Car, over Beron Sinner, CC, 2:06

160 -- Championship: Michael Finn, Lar, over Jace Lura, Car, 1:20; third: Wendal Lafferty, NB-C, over Travis Dolan, Graf, 2:31


170 -- Championship: Mathew Totay, CC, over Dylan Bowen, Hill, 8-3; third: Cole Carrier, NB-C, over Kody Kringstad, Graf, 0:55

182 -- Championship: Chris Montgomery, Lar, over Jeff Stith, NB-C, 6-4, OT; third: Jesse Nelson, Car, over Max Kollman, CC, 1:51

195 -- Championship: Austin Schuldheisz, Car, over Devon Cote, Hill, 3:00; third: Justin Gibson, NB-C, over Dakota Radcliffe, CC, 1:00

220 -- Championship: Cordell Schroeder, Car, over Brice Willison, Hill, 1:24; third: Hunter Soil, NB-C, over Josh Gapp, M-P-C-G, 3:29

285 -- Championship: Tommy Doeden, Hill, over Jeremy Talamantes, Graf, 3:17; third: Tyson Lafferty, NB-C, over Zach Soma, M-P-C-G, 3:09

N.D. Class B

Region 3

In New Town, Saturday


Team totals

Velva 272.5, Stanley-Powers Lake-Tioga-Ray 180, Minot Bishop Ryan 171.5, Des Lacs-Burlington 149, Rugby 84, Rolla-St. John-Rolette 67, Kenmare-Bowbells 61, New Town 59

Top four placers

The top four finishers in each weight class qualify for the Class B state tournament, which begins Thursday in Bismarck

106 - Championship: Cole Peterson, DLB, over Jaden Iverson, SPLTR, 9-1; third: Aaron Sandy, Ryan, over Aric Miller, Vel, 12-0

113 - Championship: Kole Johnson, DLB, over Bradley Ladwig, SPLTR, 4-2, OT; third: Leighton Nichols, Ryan, over Robert Finneseth, Vel, 16-2

120 - Championship: Justin Thomas, DLB, over Mason Brudevold, Vel, 12-0; third: Daniel Becker, Ryan, over Tanner Egeberg, K-B, 23-18

126 - Championship: Dallas Osborn, Vel, over Kyle Schmidt, Ryan, 1:18; third: Ryan Faber, SPLTR, over Xavier Maureaux, K-B, 3:26

132 - Championship: Derrick Casey, Vel, over Reid Mundahl, Rug, 1:51; third: Keaton Merck, Ryan, over Ty Jesz, K-B, :38

138 - Championship: Adam Dean, Vel, over Rhett Wolter, SPLTR, 3-2; third: Shelton Price, NT, over Jacob Ruby, DLB, by injury default

145 - Championship: Colten Lee, Vel, over Chandler Meiers, SPLTR, 1:27; third: Bradan Kalamaha, Ryan, over Matty Larson, DLB, 2:09

152 - Championship: Zach Berube, Rug, over Nathan Schmaltz, Vel, 11-5; third: J.D. Woodbury, SPLTR, over Ben Mayer, Ryan, by injury default

160 - Championship: Waylon Lenoir, RSJR, over Abraham Roehrich, SPLTR, by injury default; third: Kiel Were, Vel, over Joseph Knipp, Ryan, 3:54

170 - Championship: Jimi Bridges, Vel, over Dylan Morin, Rug, 11-1; third: Taylor Egeberg, K-B, over Carson Schell, Ryan, 2:45

182 - Championship: Bradley Biwer, SPLTR, over Alex Monk, Vel, by injury default; third: Aiden Shafer, Ryan, over Michael Preston, DLB, 2:57

195 - Championship: Jed Jespersen, Vel, over Mark Koble, Ryan, 8-2; third: Chancey Little Swallow, NT, over Austin Moen, DLB, :47

220 - Championship: Taylor Barstad, Vel, over Braeden Farhart, SPLTR, 1:22; third: Tyler Allers, Ryan, over Trenton McCloud, RSJR, 6-3

285 - Championship: Seth Anderson, RSJR, over Billy Bridges, Vel, :32; third: Nick Munnell, DLB, over Cole Danks, NT, 1:22

N.D. Class B

Region 1

South Border 218.5, Lisbon 190, Oakes 159, Napoleon 156, Linton 143, LaMoure 101, Kindred 84, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm 48

N.D. Class B

Region 4

Killdeer 226, Hettinger 180, Beulah-Hazen 159, New Salem-Almont 148.5, Watford City 112, Standing Rock 79, Beach 78, Bowman County 51

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