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063022 S GFH KARTRACING JaxsonDobmeier03.jpg
Grand Forks Junior I-class racer Jaxson Dobmeier rounds a turn at the Forks Karting Association Speedway in Grand Forks during the Mid-Season Championships on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.
Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald
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Legion baseball

Wednesday’s results
Bemidji 10, East Grand Forks Post 157 0

Fargo Post 2, Grand Forks Royals 1
GFR 000 001 0 --1 5 1
FP2 000 200 X --2 2 1
WP: Dylan Erholtz; LP: Brett Feller
Highlights -- GFR: Ryan Muizelaar 2x3, R, Chance Colgrove 2x3, RBI, Feller 5 SO; FP2: Kaden Kvidera R, Aaron Breitbach 1x2, R, Landon Meier 1x2, RBI, Erholtz 8 SO

Warroad Post 25 1-5, Post 24 0-4
P24 000 000 0 --0 5 1
WAR 000 000 1 --1 3 1
WP: E Grover; LP: I Wensloff
Highlights -- P24: I Wensloff 2x4, 15 SO; WAR: J McFarlane 1x3, RBI, E Grover 1x3, R, 7 SO
P24 031 00 --4 9 2
WAR 202 01 --5 4 1
WP: B Norris; LP: J Haugen
Highlights -- P24: N Urness 2x3, 2 RBI, A Wensloff RBI, T George 1x3, R, J Haugen 1x2, R, C Nelson 1x2, R, RBI, J Tangen R; WAR: E Grover 1x1, 2R, D Rose R, B Norris R, RBI, K Pietruszewski 2x2, R, RBI, K Hoffman 1x3, 2 RBI

Tuesday’s results
Grand Forks Royals 19-8, Warroad Post 25 3-2
GFR 905 500 --19 16 1
WAR 200 10X --3 5 4
WP: Adain Lee; LP: Luke Butler
Highlights -- GFR: Matt Scribner 2R, 2 RBI, Jaden Rustad 4x5, 4R, 4 RBI, HR, Cole Barta 1x3, 2R, Ryan Muizelaar 2x5, 2R, 2 RBI, Chance Colgrove 2x5, 3R, RBI, Jack Jahnke 1x4, 2R, 2 RBI, Logan Okstad 4x5, 2R, 3 RBI, Dylan Desmarais, 2 RBI, Zack Erickson 2x3, R, 2 RBI; WAR: Daniel Rose R, Blake Norris 1x2, R, RBI, Landon Thompson 2x2, R, RBI, Kanon Hoffman RBI
GFR 400 300 1 --8 13 4
WAR 000 000 2 --2 5 3
WP: Muizelaar; LP: Murray Marvin-Cordes
Highlights -- GFR: Okstad 2x5, R, Rustad 2x5, R, RBI, HR, Barta 2x4, R, Muizelaar 2x5, 2R, 3 RBI, HR, Colgrove 1x4, 2R, Nick Holter 2x3, 2 RBI, Lee 1x3, RBI; WAR: Jack Jones RBI, Kason Pietruszewski 2x3, R, Ben Norris 1x3, R, Marvin-Cordes 1x3, RBI

Casselton Haymakers 8-18, Grand Forks Blues 4-0
C-H 210 300 2 --8 9 2
GFB 100 030 0 --4 4 2
WP: C Vichota; LP: L Lima
Highlights -- CH: A Everson 1x3, R, M Kobbervig 1x2, 2R, RBI, E Muchow 2x3, R, RBI, C Maasjo 1x4, R, RBI, J Shoemaker 2x4, R, RBI, W Elison 2x3, 2R, RBI, Vichota 8 SO; GFB: G Tande R, J Chine 1x4, R, B Brevik 2R, J Scribner 2x4, RBI
C-H 31(10) 31 --18 15 2
GFB 000 00 --0 1 3
WP: K Parker; LP: Chine
Highlights -- CH: Everson 2x2, 3R, RBI, S. Kobbervig 1x3, 3R, 2 RBI, M Kobbervig 2x2, 3R, 2 RBI, Muchow 1x4, R, 3 RBI, B Mitchell 3x5, 2R, 3 RBI, Maasjo 1x3, RBI, Vichota 1x1, RBI, Shoemaker 1x3, 2R, 2 RBI, K McKinnon 2x4, R, 2 RBI, Elison 1x2, 3R, Parker 5 SO; GFB: B Wocken 1x1


Thompson Post 181 14, Hillsboro-Central Valley 2
THO 001 720 4 --14 12 0
HCV 020 000 0 --2 5 3
WP: K Odenbach; LP: A Dullum
Highlights -- T: C Welsh R, T Schumacher 2x5, R, T Cunningham 1x3, 2R, RBI, Odenbach 12 SO, R Berberich 3x4, 2R, 5 RBI, HR, R Strande 2x4, 2R, RBI, Z Peterson 1x3, 2R, 2 RBI, HR, B Wolfgram 1x3, RBI, B Gibson 2x5, 2R, 4 RBI, HR, J Muhs 2R; HCV: A Johnson 1x2, R, G Limke R, D Johnson 2x3, RBI, Dullum 1x3, RBI

MayPort 4, Gardner 1
GAR 000 001 0 --1 3 1
M-P 100 111 X --4 5 2
WP: Sawyer Satrom; LP: Aaron Buzick
Highlights -- G: Liam Satrom 1x3 2B, Kaleb Dows R; MP: Reed Kritzberger RBI, Jake Hutter 1x4, R, 2B, Satrom 1x3, 2B, 8 SO, Xyler Carlson R, Landon Koenig 1x3, RBI, Walker McGillis RBI, Tanner Lundwall 1x3, R, Marshall Judisch 1x1, R

Crookston Post 20 12, Red Lake Falls 6
RLF 000 131 1 --6 11 2
CRO 242 310 X --12 9 1
WP: Alex Longoria; LP: Blake Breiland
Highlights -- CRO: Ashton Larson 2x3, R, 3 RBI, Cade DeLeon 2x3, R, 3 RBI, Jacob Miller 2x2, R, 2 RBI, 2 BB; RLF: Brock Seeger 2x4, RBI, Pacey Struthers 2x3, R, BB, Peyton Fish 2x5, RBI

Women’s golf

Tuesday Women’s Golf League
Tuesday’s results
First flight
Low gross: Amy Bushaw
Event: (tie) Becky Gellner and Amy Bushaw
Low putts: Amy Bushaw
Second flight
Low gross: Erin Erickson
Event: (tie) Bev Johnson and Debbie Sevigny
Low putts: Erin Erickson
Third flight
Low gross: Genny Olson
Event: (tie) Barb Brend and Terri Staples
Low putts: Barb Brend
Fourth flight
Low gross: Terry Funk
Event: (tie) Sherry Weisenberger and Terry Funk
Low putts: (tie) Ellie Schnell and Terry Funk
Birdies: Carla Haaven
Chip-ins: Carla Haaven, Joyce Murray and Terri Staples

Nick Nelson has been a photographer and sports desk clerk with the Grand Forks Herald since 2017, and had previously worked at Forum Communication Company's Agweek Magazine from 2015-2018 as well as Prairie Business Magazine.
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