PREP FOOTBALL: Kittson County Central spreads the wealth on offense

If Drew Olsonawski was on the opposite sideline, he's not sure what kind of scheme he would develop to defend the Kittson County Central offense. "I wouldn't know how to stop us,'' Olsonawski said. "There is no one superstar on our team. We have ...

If Drew Olsonawski was on the opposite sideline, he's not sure what kind of scheme he would develop to defend the Kittson County Central offense.

"I wouldn't know how to stop us,'' Olsonawski said. "There is no one superstar on our team. We have a lot of guys who, on every single play, could go for a touchdown. We have a lot of fast guys and hard runners.''

Olsonawski doesn't have to defend the Bearcats. Instead, he runs the explosive offense as KCC's starting quarterback. Kittson County Central High School's football team is off to a 2-0 start, outscoring its opponents 91-0.

Nick Kasprowicz leads the way with five of the team's 13 touchdowns, while Olsonawski has thrown four touchdown passes.

But the Bearcats' big thing has been balance. Seven KCC players have score touchdowns. By comparison, in its 10 games last season, only nine players registered touchdowns. That reliance on a few primary playmakers has been more the norm for the program.


"I think we have more depth at the skill positions than I've seen here since I've been head coach,'' said Cory Waling, who is in his fourth season as head coach. "And, even beyond that, I don't remember many years when we've had so many interchangeable parts.

"We can put in a lot of guys who we're confident in what they can do. There are a couple of guys, like (receivers) Blayne Davis and Mitchell Jensen, who haven't scored yet, but who other teams will have to prepare for. With the games we've played, they haven't had many opportunities.''

Nor has Olsonawski been in the end zone yet. Other TD scorers are Fernando Blanco (two), Scott Mortenson (two) and, with one apiece, Tucker Cosley, Alex Brewer, Carson Thorsteinson and Skyler Sluser (on an interception return).

"It's been pretty easy for me,'' Olsonawski said. "No matter who I get the ball to, they can make people miss (tackles) and make big plays. It's great for a quarterback to have all these options.''

The balance is a change from recent KCC teams.

Last season, running back Kyle Petersburg was the dominant ballcarrier and Olsonawski threw for 1,037 yards and 15 TDs. In the two seasons prior to that, the Tim Rynning-to-Derek Coffield combination provided big plays in the passing and running games.

"We had playmakers who we went to at crunch time,'' Waling said. "We leaned on guys like Rynning, Coffield and Petersburg to get things done.

"This year it is more interchangeable. We have more freedom to mix and match things depending on what defenses are doing. Teams have to prepare more for what different things we can do. Before they could load up defenses against a Petersburg, a Rynning, a Coffield.''


The schedule has helped KCC develop that depth in the early going. The Bearcats' wins are against Sacred Heart and Norman County West, both 0-2.

With KCC taking big leads in the first halves, the Bearcats have substituted more frequently and passed less frequently. More players have been able to showcase their skills with the football in their hands.

No back has more than 14 carries. The Bearcats haven't had a 100-yard rusher (Kasprowicz, with 117 yards, is the season leader) and Olsonawski has thrown only 14 passes, completing 11 for 170 yards.

That depth poses a good dilemma for Waling: Who to play.

Waling said Kasprowicz has the potential to be a go-to type with his combination of speed, elusiveness and hard-nosed running. But Waling plans to stay with a diverse, multi-option package.

"We're trying to be more balanced with our running game,'' Waling said. "We have quick guys. We have guys who stick their noses into the mix and can grind it out yards. And they can all catch the ball and pick up yards.

"This is more challenging (from a coaching standpoint). We're always looking for the right matchups, the best combinations to have on the field. But it's also fun. There's a lot of competition within the team. Our practices are fun, very up-tempo.''

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