More than 6,200 deer gun licenses remain after North Dakota’s deer gun lottery, the Game and Fish Department said Thursday.

Individual results are available online at, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s website. Only resident applicants who were unsuccessful in the lottery can apply for remaining licenses.

Moving to an online lottery has resulted in reducing the time between the application deadline and the lottery run date, said Kim Kary, chief of administrative services for Game and Fish.

“It’s a major benefit in moving to an all online lottery application process,” Kary said.

More than 81,000 people applied for a license in the deer gun lottery, in addition to about 12,600 gratis applicants. A total of 69,050 deer gun season licenses were available, up from 64,500 in 2019.

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Unsuccessful applicants can apply online for remaining licenses beginning Wednesday, July 1. The deadline for applying is Wednesday, July 22.

Here’s a look at remaining deer gun licenses and type of licenses available by unit:

  • 2H: Any antlerless, 110 licenses.

  • 3A1: Any antlerless, 527.

  • 3B1: Antlerless whitetail, 88.

  • 3B2: Antlerless whitetail, 117; antlerless mule deer, 147.

  • 3B3: Antlerless whitetail, 521.

  • 3C: Antlerless whitetail, 397.

  • 3D1: Any antlerless, 28; antlerless whitetail, 223.

  • 3D2: Any antlerless, 40; antlerless whitetail, 154.

  • 3E1: Antlerless whitetail, 216.

  • 3E2: Any antlerless, 41; antlerless whitetail, 180.

  • 3F1: Any antlerless, 172; antlerless whitetail, 446.

  • 3F2: Any antlerless, 1,018; antlered whitetail, 96; antlerless whitetail, 786.

  • 4B: Antlerless whitetail, 130.

  • 4C: Antlerless whitetail, 86.

  • 4D: Antlerless whitetail, 95.

  • 4E: Antlerless whitetail, 113.

  • 4F: Antlerless whitetail, 359; antlerless mule deer, 185.