The North Dakota Game and Fish Department last week announced the successful recipients in the elk and moose license lotteries. 

The department this year offered 474 elk licenses and 475 moose licenses; there were 19,290 people who applied for elk licenses, and the moose lottery drew 22,456 applicants, the department said. A total of 15,516 applications were received for bighorn sheep, and the lottery is scheduled for September, after Game and Fish determines the total number of licenses it will offer. Once the lottery is held, successful applicants will be contacted to select a hunting unit.

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Here are this year's successful elk and moose license recipients. Because the results were delivered in a spreadsheet format, the listing of recipients is broken into seven files for elk (Elk pages 1-7) and six files for moose (Moose pages 1-6). Click on each of of the images to see the files in their entirety.