More than 3,000 antlerless deer gun licenses remain in 12 units after the North Dakota Game and Fish Department recently completed its second lottery drawing.

Game and Fish will issue antlerless licenses on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 8. Residents and nonresidents who have not already received a lottery or landowner license can apply on the Game and Fish website at

The licenses are valid only during the regular deer gun season, which opens at noon Friday, Nov. 8, and continues through Sunday, Nov. 24.

Here’s a look at the number and type of licenses available by unit:

  • 3A1: Any antlerless, 48.

  • 3B2: Antlerless whitetail, 50; antlerless mule deer, 152.

  • 3B3: Antlerless whitetail, 11.

  • 3C: Antlerless whitetail, 92.

  • 3D1: Any antlerless, 28; antlerless whitetail, 184.

  • 3D2: Antlerless whitetail, 41.

  • 3E1: Antlerless whitetail, 45.

  • 3E2: Antlerless whitetail, 82.

  • 3F1: Any antlerless, 106; antlerless whitetail, 442.

  • 3F2: Any antlerless, 739; antlerless whitetail, 740.

  • 4E: Antlerless whitetail, 87.

  • 4F: Antlerless whitetail, 341; antlerless mule deer, 126.

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Baiting restrictions

In related deer hunting news, the Game and Fish Department reminds hunters that it is unlawful to hunt big game over bait, or place bait to attract big game for the purpose of hunting, on both public and private land in deer units 3A1, 3A2, 3A3 north of U.S. Highway 2, 3B1, 3C west of the Missouri River, 3E1, 3E2, 3F1 and 3F2.

Game and Fish implemented the restriction in an effort to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease, which is fatal to deer, moose and elk and can cause long-term population declines if left unchecked. Hunting units in the northwest part of the state were added to the restriction zone after CWD was detected this past year in those areas.

Hunting over bait is defined as placing or using baits for attracting big game and other wildlife to a specific location for the purpose of hunting. Baits include but are not limited to grains, minerals, salts, fruits, vegetables, hay or any other natural or manufactured foods.

Baiting also is prohibited on all North Dakota Game and Fish Department wildlife management areas, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service national wildlife refuges and waterfowl production areas, U.S. Forest Service national grasslands, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed lands and all North Dakota state school, state park and state Forest Service lands.

More information can be found at