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Northland Outdoors: Your goose is cooked, several ways

Chad Koel explains how he makes goose casserole, bacon-wrapped goose and pan-fried goose, his personal favorite.

goose meal
Northland Outdoors host Chad Koel and his dish of bacon-wrapped goose, goose casserole and pan-fried goose.
Chad Koel / Northland Outdoors
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In this episode of Northland Outdoors, Chad Koel heads to the kitchen to cook some of the geese that he and his hunting companions harvested during a recent hunt in North Dakota.

"For some reason, you have no idea how many people I've talked to, that say well, 'I like just about everything but I just can't eat goose' for a variety of reasons," Koel says. "Well, I'm here to tell you that when prepared correctly and taken care of, goose can be as good as anything."

Koel explains how he makes goose casserole, bacon-wrapped goose and pan-fried goose, his personal favorite.

Koel also shows off three other variations of goose meat his hunting companion had prepared, such as goose summer sausage, goose sticks and goose bacon.



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