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Winnipeg's Ricky Weiss captures 92-lap Seitz Memorial late model feature

Winnipeg's Ricky Weiss (7W) fights with A.J. Diemel for the lead during the 12th annual John Seitz Memorial Late Model Invitational 92-lap feature Saturday night at River Cities Speedway. Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald1 / 2
Ricky Weiss waves the checkered flag while celebrating his win at the 12th annual John Seitz Memorial Late Model Invitational 92-lap feature Saturday night at River Cities Speedway. Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald2 / 2

It was quite the weekend for Winnipeg’s Ricky Weiss.

Make that quite the season, too.

Weiss had a dominating weekend at the 12th annual John Seitz Memorial Late Model Invitational, winning Saturday night’s 92-lap feature before more than 3,000 fans at River Cities Speedway.

Weiss dominated the weekend, winning three features at The Bullring. He won features Friday night and Saturday afternoon before capturing the main event.

The Seitz race is a WISSOTA-sanctioned event. Weiss has been the dominant driver in WISSOTA as well. He has won 21 of the 25 WISSOTA races he’s entered.

But the Seitz win was special.

“I’m a little speechless right now,” said Weiss in Victory Lane. “This is one of the bigger races. Memorial races are really special to win. To win one for John is amazing.”

Seitz, who started third, grabbed the lead from Scott Ward on Lap 9. He held that until he was passed by two-time Seitz winner A.J. Diemel on Lap 49. Diemel grabbed the lead as the two came out of Turn 4.

But Weiss maintained his groove and remained patient.

On Lap 67, Weiss regained the lead, passing Diemel on the front straight-away.

But Weiss wasn’t in the clear.

Last year’s winner, Don Shaw, made a late charge from deep in the field and put the pressure on Weiss in the closing laps.

Weiss posted the fastest lap time of 13.033 seconds and edged Shaw by 0.384 seconds.

Diemel finished third, followed by Scott Ward and RCS regular Joey Pederson.

Pole-sitter Dustin Strand dropped out of the race early with mechanical problems.

RCS officials managed to complete all three shows, despite rain on Thursday and Friday.

“The track guys worked their butts off this week,” said Weiss. “It was worth the effort. Hats off them.”

Saturday’s results

Late models

Seitz Memorial feature

  1. Ricky Weiss; 2. Don Shaw; 3. A.J. Diemel; 4. Scott Ward; 5. Joey Pederson; 6. Bill Mooney; 7. Jeff MAssingill; 8. Cole Schill; 9. Pat Doar; 10. Mike Balcaen; 11. Jeff Provinzino; 12. Brody Troftgruben; 13. Jake Redetzke; 14. David McDonald; 15. Brad Seng; 16. Blake Swenson; 17. Travis Robertson; 18. Shane Edginton; 19. Jeff Hapala; 20. Tom Corcoran; 21. Jordan Tollakson; 22. Troy Schill; 23. Steve Laursen; 24. Casey Meyer; 25.Dustin Strand; 26. Lance Matthees

(Makeup from rained out Thursday show)

First heat -- 1. Zach Naastad; 2. Brad Seng; 3. Bryan LePier

Second heat -- 1. Ricky Weiss; 2. Brandon Fuller; 3. Joey Pederson

Third heat -- 1. Jeffrey Massingill; 2. Dustin Strand; 3. Steve Laursen

Fourth heat -- 1. Jake Redetzke; 2. Mike Balcaen; 3. Don Shaw

Fifth heat -- 1. Ryan Mikkelson; 2. Shane Edginton; 3. Steve Anderson

B main 1 -- 1. Cole Schill; 2. Brody Troftgruben; 3. Lance Matthees

B main 2 -- 1. Pat Doar; 2. Dylan Barnhardt; 3. Tyler Lambert

Feature -- 1. Ricky Weiss; 2. Jeff Massingill; 3. Jake Redetzke; 4. Dustin Strand; 5. Shane Edgingon

Midwest modifieds

First heat -- 1. Cole Haugland; 2. Matt Gilbertson; 3. Brandon Bahr

Second heat -- 1. Nate Reynolds; 2. Corky Thomas; 3. Randy Klein

Third heat -- 1. Eric Haugland; 2. Preston Carr; 3. Brock Gronwold

Fourth heat -- 1. Joseph Thomas; 2. Victoria Stutsky; 3. Scott Bintz

Fifth heat -- 1. Hunter Hougard; 2. Gary Nelson; 3. Austin Overwater

Sixth heat -- 1. Jaden Varnson; 2. Brandon Rehill; 3. Grand Hall

B main 1 -- 1. Jess Brekke; 2. Les Schoon; 3. Darren Engesser

B main 2 -- 1. Todd Johnson; 2. Austin Hunter; 3. Lance Schill

Feature -- 1. Joseph Thomas; 2. Hougard; 3. Corky Thomas; 4. Varnson; 5. Nate Reynolds


First heat -- 1. Kasey Ussatis; 2. Ryan Johnson; 3. Tyler Reimer

Second heat -- 1. Dan McNamee; 2. Tucker Pederson; 3. Trey Hess

Third heat -- 1. Adam Burrows; 2. Brian Johnson; 3. Bradon Miller

Fourth heat -- 1. Rory Opp; 2. Aaron Blacklance; 3. Doug VanMill

B main -- 1. Daniel Aberle; 2. Jeff Crouse; 3. Aaron Blacklance

Feature -- 1. Burrows; 2. Ussatis; 3. Miller; 4. Blacklance

Wayne Nelson
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