Austin Pierce won’t have to worry about maintaining his streak at River Cities Speedway.

The Grand Forks driver dominated Friday night’s 25-lap sprint feature -- a win that keeps his yearly streak of winning at The Bullring in tact.

Pierce has won at least one race each season at RCS since 2014.

His latest, however, had a twist.

He nearly spun out on Lap 9. Somehow, he saved his No. 2 sprint in Turn 1 and managed to maintain the lead.

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“I started driving pretty hard,” said Pierce. “My front end all of a sudden turned and pulled me into the wall. I drove up it and came back down and just about spun it out.

“I thought I was a goner but somehow the car just grabbed and I was able to drive it out of there.”

Pierce had a relatively safe lead over Nick Omdahl before the near spin. He lost some of his lead but not enough for anyone to make a hard charge.

The near spin, however, did give Pierce a boost of confidence.

“I said to myself, ‘If I save it here, I’d better not (blow it).”

Pierce had the fastest lap time of 11.081 seconds and beat Omdahl to the flag stand by 0.913 seconds. Chris Ranten finished third, followed by Jade Hastings and Jordan Adams.

The feature was delayed for roughly 15 minutes as track officials had to repair a portion of the fence in Turn 4 after Shane Roemeling’s car became tangled in the fencing.

For Pierce it was his 12th win at The Bullring and 23rd overall.

“Since we won our first one here in 2014, we’ve won one every year,” said Pierce. “Last year, we waited until the last night (of the season) to win. It feels better to get in July than in September.”

In the 20-lap late model feature, Dustin Strand again was the dominating driver.

Strand won his fourth straight at RCS. He started on the outside of the front row and led all 20 laps.

He did have to survive a late push from Shane Edginton, however.

“My dad was giving me signals. I knew he was kind of hanging in there through the whole race,” said Strand. “He usually runs good on the bottom so I figured that’s where he was. I saw his nose a couple of times but I just concentrated on hitting my marks. I guess it worked out.”

Strand also had the fast lap time of 13.087 seconds, that coming on the final circuit. He beat Edginton by 1.363 seconds. Brody Troftgruben finished third, followed by Joey Pederson and Brad Seng.

Lance Schill, who started fourth, won the 18-lap Midwest modifieds feature. Matt Schow was second, 0.853 seconds behind Schill. Reise Stenberg was third, followed by Jeremy Lizakowski and Aaron Blacklance.

In the 15-lap streets feature, John Halvorson took the checkered flag, holding off Ryan Johnson. Halvorson won by 0.349 seconds. Chase Boen was third, Jonny Carter fourth and Kyle Anderson fifth.

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series will make its annual appearance at RCS next Friday.

River Cities Speedway

Friday’s results


First heat -- 1. Zach Lee; 2. Bryce Reimer; 3. Chase Boen

Second heat -- 1. John Halvorson; 2. Eric Riley; 3. Jonny Carter

Third heat -- 1. Kyle Anderson; 2. Ryan Johnson; 3. Daniel Aberle

Feature -- 1. Halvorson; 2. Johnson; 3. Boen; 4. Carter; 5. Anderson

Midwest modifieds

First heat -- 1. Lance Schill; 2. Aaron Blacklance; 3. Reise Stenberg

Second heat -- 1. Todd Johnson; 2. Logan Salazar; 3. George Dalbeck

Third heat -- 1. Matt Schow; 2. Jeremy Lizakowski; 3. Scott Vasicek

Feature -- 1. Schill; 2. Schow; 3. Stenberg; 4. Lizakowski; 5. Blacklance


First heat -- 1. Nick Omdahl; 2. Jordan Adams; 3. Ty Hanten

Second heat -- 1. Austin Pierce; 2. Jade Hastings; 3. Blake Egeland

Feature -- 1. Pierce; 2. Omdahl; 3. Chris Ranten; 4. Jade Hastings; 5. Jordan Adams

Late models

First heat -- 1. Shane Edginton; 2. Joey Pederson; 3. Cole Schill

Second heat -- 1. Dustin Strand; 2. Tom Corcoran; 3. Brandon Fuller

Third heat -- 1. Brad Seng; 2. Brody Troftgruben; 3. Cole Babock

Feature -- 1. Strand; 2. Edginton; 3. Troftgruben; 4. Pederson; 5. Seng