List of North Dakota high school players in the NHL Draft

Grand Forks native Judd Caulfield meets with the media after being selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2019 NHL Draft. Photo by Brad Elliott Schlossman/Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS — Here's a list of North Dakota high school players who have been selected in the NHL Draft as of 2022.

By year

1972 — Dennis Johnson, GFC, 5th round, 74th overall, Detroit Red Wings
1978 — Mark Berge, RR, 11th round, 182nd overall, Philadelphia Flyers
1982 — Brian Williams, FN, 9th round, 187th overall, Montreal Canadiens
1982 — Tim Loven, RR, 11th round, 213rd overall, Toronto Maple Leafs
1984 — Lee Brodeur, GPR, 4th round, 65th overall, Montreal Canadiens
1984 — Dave Hanson, GFC, 4th round, 79th overall, Philadelphia Flyers
1988 — Chad Johnson, GFC, 6th round, 117th overall, New Jersey Devils
1989 — Mike Markovich, GFC, 6th round, 121st overall, Pittsburgh Penguins
1991 — Brent Brekke, Jamestown, 9th round, 188th overall, Quebec Nordiques
1994 — Mike Peluso, BHS, 10th round, 253rd overall, Calgary Flames
1994 — Mike Hanson, Minot, 11th round, 269th overall, New Jersey Devils
2000 — Grant Potulny, RR, 5th round, 157th overall, Ottawa Senators
2001 — Andy Schneider, RR, 5th round, 156th overall, Pittsburgh Penguins
2001 — James Massen, BHS, 6th round, 194th overall, New Jersey Devils
2003 — Danny Irmen, FN-RR, 3rd round, 78th overall, Minnesota Wild
2003 — Ryan Potulny, RR, 3rd round, 87th overall, Philadelphia Flyers
2012 — Paul LaDue, GFC, 6th round, 181st overall, Los Angeles Kings
2013 — Keaton Thompson, DL, 3rd round, 87th overall, Anaheim Ducks
2013 — Luke Johnson, RR-GFC, 5th round, 134th overall, Chicago Blackhawks
2014 — Alex Schoenborn, Minot, 3rd round, 72nd overall, San Jose Sharks
2019 — Judd Caulfield, GFC, 5th round, 145th overall, Pittsburgh Penguins
2020 — Tyler Kleven, Davies, 2nd round, 44th overall, Ottawa Senators
2020 — Jackson Kunz, GFRR, 4th round, 113th overall, Vancouver Canucks
2022 — Cole Spicer, GFC, 4th round, 117th overall, Boston Bruins
2022 — Ben Strinden, South-Shanley, 7th round, 210th overall, Nashville Predators

By overall pick

No. 44 overall — Tyler Kleven, Davies, Ottawa Senators (2020)
No. 65 overall — Lee Brodeur, GPR, Montreal Canadiens (1984)
No. 72 overall — Alex Schoenborn, Minot, San Jose Sharks (2014)
No. 74 overall — Dennis Johnson, GFC, Detroit Red Wings (1972)
No. 78 overall — Danny Irmen, FN-RR, Minnesota Wild (2003)
No. 79 overall — Dave Hanson, GFC, Philadelphia Flyers (1984)
No. 87 overall — Keaton Thompson, DL, Anaheim Ducks (2013)
No. 87 overall — Ryan Potulny, RR, Philadelphia Flyers (2003)

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