The NCAA transfer portal is going to play a major role in shaping college hockey teams for the 2021-22 season.

There are a record number of players in the portal for a few reasons.

First, the NCAA ruled that the 2020-21 season does not count against any player's eligibility. Therefore, every player in college hockey has the ability to return next season. Additionally, even the non-seniors will get a fifth year, so this will impact the transfer portal for each of the next four offseasons.

Second, the general consensus is that the NCAA is on the verge of passing a one-time transfer rule, where athletes will get one opportunity to transfer without having to sit out a season. Right now, they have to sit for a year unless they receive a waiver. This will likely increase transfers for the foreseeable future.

The majority of men's college hockey players currently in the portal are seniors who are unable to return to their current teams, because their coaching staff already promised spots to incoming freshmen. But those players still wait another year of college hockey. Others are seniors who want to use their fifth year at a new school with a new opportunity.

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Because the Ivy League doesn't allow fifth-year players, virtually every 2019-20 junior at Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Princeton and Harvard has entered the transfer portal.

There are also underclassmen in the transfer portal.

This page will track men's college hockey player movement during the 2021 offseason, both following players who have committed to new programs and those who have entered the transfer portal and are still available.

For any tips or updates, email Herald writer Brad Schlossman at To get updates on social media, follow Schlossman on Twitter.

NCAA transfer portal additions 2021-22


D Sam Sternschein, Penn State to Boston College

F Griffin Loughran, Northern Michigan to Michigan State

D Slava Demin, Denver to UMass

G David Fessenden, Alabama Huntsville to New Hampshire

F Harrison Blaisdell, North Dakota to New Hampshire

F Carson Bantle, Michigan Tech to Wisconsin

D Jake Willets, Ferris State to Lake Superior State


Colorado College

F Noah Prokop, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0


F Cameron Wright, sr, Bowling Green, 13-16--29


F Chase Gresock, jr, Merrimack, 4-4--8

D Will Cullen, jr, Bowling Green, 6-19--25

G Logan Neaton, soph, UMass Lowell (WPG), 0-1, .855, 4.85

Minnesota Duluth

F Casey Gilling, sr, Miami, 4-11--15

North Dakota

F Ashton Calder, jr, Lake Superior State, 16-13--29

F Connor Ford, sr, Bowling Green, 16-12--28

D Chris Jandric, jr, Alaska Fairbanks, 5-17--22 (2019-20)

D Brady Ferner, jr, RPI, 2-6--8 (2019-20)

G Zach Driscoll, sr, Bemidji State, 15-10-3, .922, 2.32


F Brannon McManus, sr, Minnesota, 9-16--25

Big Ten

Michigan State

F Griffin Loughran, jr, Northern Michigan, 5-10--15


F Colin Schmidt, soph, Union, 1-4--5 (2019-20)

F Grant Cruikshank, jr, Colorado College, 8-2--10

Notre Dame

F Jack Adams, jr, Union (DET), 10-12--22 (2018-19)

D Chase Blackmun, jr, UMass Lowell, 6-5--11

D Adam Karashik, sr, UConn, 1-8--9

G Matthew Galajda, sr, Cornell, 23-2-4, .931, 1.56 (2019-20)

Ohio State

F Jake Wise, jr, Boston University (CHI), 1-1--2

D William Riedell, sr, Lake Superior State, 6-11--17

Penn State

F Ben Copeland, jr, Colorado College, 4-7--11


F Max Johnson, sr, Bowling Green, 10-14--24

F Carson Bantle, fr, Michigan Tech (ARI), 2-1-3

G Jared Moe, soph, Minnesota (WPG), 2-0, .852, 3.45


Bowling Green

F Coale Norris, sr, Ferris State, 8-9--17

F Nathan Burke, jr, Minnesota, 3-4--7

D Gabriel Chicoine, jr, Norwich (D-3), 0-2--2

Lake Superior State

D Jake Willets, soph, Ferris State, 2-4--6

Michigan Tech

F Matthew Quercia, jr, Boston University, 2-1--3


F Zach Krajnik, fr, Alaska Anchorage, DNP

D Benton Maass, sr, New Hampshire (WAS), 2-2--4

Northern Michigan

D Trevor Cosgrove, sr, Colgate, 3-1--4

St. Thomas

F T.J. Polglaze, jr, Michigan Tech, 0-0--0

D Nolan Sawchuk, jr, UMass Lowell, 1-2--3

D John Schuldt, jr, Omaha, 0-0--0

D Trevor Zins, soph, St. Cloud State, DNP

G Peter Thome, sr, North Dakota (CBJ), 2-2, .872, 2.83

Hockey East

Boston College

F Brandon Kruse, sr, Bowling Green (VGK), 11-23--34

D Justin Wells, sr, Bowling Green, 2-7--9

D Sam Sternschein, sr, Penn State, 2-5--7

G Eric Dop, sr, Bowling Green, 13-8-1, .923, 2.16

Boston University

F Matt Brown, soph, UMass Lowell, 8-5--13


F Steven Jandric, sr, Denver, 1-5--6

D Colby Bukes, so, MSU-Mankato, 0-0--0

New Hampshire

F Harrison Blaisdell, soph, North Dakota (WPG), 0-4--4

G David Fessenden, soph, Alabama Huntsville, 3-11-1, .910, 2.94


F Jakov Novak, jr, Bentley (OTT), 7-10--17

D Tommy Miller, sr, Michigan State, 1-3--4


F Alex Esposito, sr, Vermont, 1-2--3

F Kohen Olischefski, sr, Denver, 4-10--14


F Kevin O'Neil, sr, Yale, 5-12--17 (2019-20)

G Darion Hanson, sr, Union, 7-24-4, .910, 2.79 (2019-20)


F Matt Baker, sr, Dartmouth, 6-18--24 (2019-20)

F Cam Donaldson, sr, Cornell, 5-13--18 (2019-20)

D Slava Demin, jr, Denver (VGK pick, CHI rights), 3-5--8

UMass Lowell

F Ryan Brushett, soph, Omaha, 1-6--7

D Nick Austin, sr, Colgate, 1-5--6


F Philip Lagunov, sr, UMass, 4-2--6

D Cory Babichuk, soph, RPI, 4-12--16 (2019-20)

D Joe Leahy, jr, Cornell, 3-4--7 (2019-20)

D Robbie Stucker, jr, Minnesota (CBJ), 0-5--5



F Luke Santerno, sr, Bentley, 5-11--16

D Lucas Kaelble, sr, Lake Superior, 2-13--15


F Oliver Chau, sr, UMass, 5-22--27

D Brendan Less, sr, Dartmouth, 1-8--9 (2019-20)

D Griffin Mendel, sr, Denver, 0-2--2

D Tony Stillwell, sr, Brown, 1-9--10 (2019-20)

G Dylan St. Cyr, sr, Notre Dame, 11-9-1, .921, 2.44


F T.J. Walsh, so, Northeastern, 0-3--3

F Jake Lee, fr, Merrimack 0-0--0

D Anthony Baxter, sr, UMass Lowell, 3-2--5

D Jack Agnew, fr, Boston College, 0-0--0

St. Lawrence

F Josh Boyer, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0


G Connor Murphy, soph, Northeastern, 9-9-3, .910, 2.72

Atlantic Hockey

American International

F Brian Rigali, sr, UConn, 3-2--5

F Chris Van Os-Shaw, jr, MSU-Mankato, 0-1--1


F Collin Rutherford, sr, Dartmouth, 3-8--11 (2019-20)

F Kohei Sato, sr, New Hampshire, 1-7--8

F Eric Linell, soph, UConn, 1-0--1

G Evan Debrouwer, jr, Arizona State, 3-9-1, .888, 4.13


F Danny DiGrande, soph, RPI, 3-1--4

D Joey Matthews, sr, Dartmouth, 0-7--7 (2019-20)


F Pierce Crawford, sr, Notre Dame, 1-3--4


F Jack DeBoer, jr, Boston University, 1-2--3


D Gianfranco Cassaro, soph, UMass, 0-0--0

Robert Morris

F Mickey Burns, fr, Vermont, 0-0--0

Sacred Heart

F Troy Conzo, sr, Colorado College, 2-3--5

F Dante Palecco, sr, Yale, 5-3--8 (2019-20)

F Dakota Raabe, sr, Michigan, 1-3--4

F Neil Shea, soph, Northeastern, 1-0--1

D Rourke Russell, sr, Miami, 3-2--5

D Logan Britt, soph, Quinnipiac, 2-3--5

D Dante Fantauzzi, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 0-0--0 (2019-20)


Alabama Huntsville

F Matthew Jennings, jr, Ohio State, 0-0--0

D Dominick Procopio, jr, UMass Lowell, 0-1--1

Arizona State

F Colin Theisen, sr, Notre Dame, 8-6--14

F Jack Becker, sr, Michigan (BOS), 4-5--9

D Tim Theocharidis, jr, Bowling Green, 5-10--15

D Tim Lovell, fr, Boston College, 0-2--2

G Ben Kraws, soph, Miami, 0-6, .875, 4.49

Long Island University

F P.J. Marrocco, jr, Arizona State, 1-4--5

F Tyler Welsh, sr, Yale, 8-15--23

F Billy Jerry, sr, RPI, 3-2--5 (2019-20)

F Zach Nazzarett, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 7-4--11 (2019-20)

G Kris Carlson, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-16-3, .907, 3.15 (2019-20)

Uncommitted players in the NCAA transfer portal


D Ryan Dickinson, fr, Ohio State, 0-1--1; F Keenan Lund, soph, Air Force, 0-2--2; F Quinn Green, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 3-3--6; D Sam Miller, fr, American International, 1-0--1; D Jacob Modry, soph, Merrimack, 0-0--0; F Matus Spodniak, jr, American International, 0-0--0; F Hampus Eriksson, sr, Lake Superior State, 6-13--19; F Brett Van Os, sr, Western Michigan, 4-4--8


Pierre-Luc (Pete) Veillette, jr, Lake Superior State, 13-14--27

Nick Prkusic, sr, Robert Morris, 7-18--25

Hampus Eriksson, sr, Lake Superior State, 6-13--19

Michael Regush, jr, Cornell, 11-7--18 (2019-20)

Jake Paganelli, sr, Princeton, 3-8--11

Lucas Finner, sr, Ferris State, 2-9--11

Lee Lapid, jr, Canisius, 5-5--10

Jared Nash, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-8--10

Hank Crone, jr, Denver, 5-4--9

Phil Knies, sr, Miami, 3-6--9

Cullen Munson, sr, Minnesota, 2-7--9

Jake Pappalardo, sr, Holy Cross, 5-3--8

Brett Van Os, sr, Western Michigan, 4-4--8

Eric Cooley, sr, Niagara, 4-4--8

Brayden Camrud, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 3-5--8 (2019-20)

Christiano Versich, sr, Colorado College, 3-4--7 (2019-20)

Thomas Daskas, fr, Air Force, 3-4--7

Justin Kendall, sr, Niagara, 3-4--7

Josh Kosack, sr, Union, 2-5--7 (2019-20), reportedly returning to Union

Quinn Green, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 3-3--6

Zach Court, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 1-5--6 (2019-20)

Christian Rajic, sr, Long Island, 2-3--5

Colin Burston, sr, Brown, 2-3--5 (2019-20)

Vlad Dzhioshvili, sr, Vermont, 1-4--5

Zac Masson, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 1-4--5 (2019-20)

Patrick Kramer, sr, Merrimack, 0-5--5

Kevin Obssuth, jr, Canisius, 3-1--4

Jake Durflinger, sr, Denver, 2-2--4

Brody Stevens, sr, Michigan State, 2-2--4

Chris Berger, sr, Brown, 2-2--4 (2019-20)

Brett Jewell, sr, Yale, 2-2--4 (2019-20)

Alexandro Ambrosio, sr, Lake Superior, 1-3--4

Gianluca Esteves, sr, Michigan State, 2-1--3

Justin Cmunt, soph, Mercyhurst, 2-1--3

Matt Steeves, sr, Notre Dame, 2-0--2

Simon Boyko, soph, Vermont, 2-0--2

Ty Readman, jr, Northern Michigan 1-1--2

Jordan Kaplan, jr, Vermont, 1-1--2

Jack Doremus, sr, Denver, 0-2--2

Keenan Lund, soph, Air Force, 0-2--2

Garrett Clegg, soph, Robert Morris, 0-2--2

Albin Nilsson, soph, Providence, 1-0--1

Austin Goldstein, sr, Northeastern, 0-1--1 (retired)

Ace Cowans, sr, Vermont, 0-1--1

Christian Simeone, jr, Merrimack, 0-1--1

Dylan Mills, jr, Niagara, 0-1--1

Garrett Worth, fr, Long Island, 0-1--1

Madoka Suzuki, fr, Long Island, 0-1--1

Derek Contessa, soph, Sacred Heart, 0-1--1

Tommy Lee, jr, RPI, 0-1--1 (2019-20)

Jake Witkowski, sr, Boston University, 0-0--0

Travis Kothenbeutel, jr, Omaha, 0-0--0

Austin O'Rourke, jr, UMass Lowell, 0-0--0

Eugene Fadyeyev, sr, Ohio State, 0-0--0

Josh Groll, fr, Michigan, 0-0--0

Remy Parker, soph, Maine, 0-0--0

Daniel Winslow, jr, Quinnipiac, 0-0--0

Carson Gallagher, fr, Sacred Heart, 0-0--0

Cam Cook, jr, Niagara, 0-0--0

Zach Pellegrino, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Devan Tongue, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Adam Stacho, fr, American International, 0-0--0

Matus Spodniak, jr, American International, 0-0--0

Hunter Wendt, jr, Ferris State, 0-0--0

Connor Szmul, fr, Long Island, 0-0--0

Noah Weber, soph, Minnesota, DNP

Brady Meyer, soph, Minnesota Duluth, DNP

Corey Clifton, fr, Quinnipiac, DNP

Whim Stalberg, fr, Vermont, DNP

Matt Thomson, jr, Northeastern, DNP

Tyler Ghirardosi, fr, Quinnipiac, DNP

Trevor Poeze, fr, Niagara, DNP

Ashton Stockie, soph, Mercyhurst, DNP

MacGregor Sinclair, soph, Canisius, DNP

Colin Tonge, sr, Princeton, DNP (2019-20)

Daniel Rybarik, fr, Alaska Anchorage, first season canceled

Olivier Gauthier, fr, Alaska Anchorage, first season canceled


Carson Musser, sr, Bowling Green, 1-9--10

Christian Evers, sr, Vermont, 4-3--7

Dominic Dockery, sr, Merrimack, 1-6--7

Philip Alftberg, sr, St. Lawrence, 1-4--5

Trevor Cosgrove, sr, Colgate, 3-1--4

Bo Hanson, sr, Denver, 1-3--4

Drayson Pears, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 0-4--4 (2019-20)

Michael Karow, sr, Boston College (ARI), 1-2--3

Darby Gula, jr, Bemidji State, 1-2--3

Sam Rossini, sr, Minnesota, 0-3--3

Ryan Wheeler, jr, UConn, 2-0--2

Levi Kleiboer, soph, Maine, 2-0--2

Charlie Marchand, sr, Bentley, 1-1--2

Noah Ganske, fr, Northern Michigan 0-2--2

Jake Stevens, sr, St. Lawrence, 0-2--2

Bradley Stonnell, soph, Robert Morris, 0-2--2

Brett Humberstone, fr, Long Island, 0-2--2

Troy Robillard, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 0-2--2 (2019-20)

Sam Miller, fr, American International, 1-0--1

Ryan Dickinson, fr, Ohio State, 0-1--1

Mason Palmer, soph, Northern Michigan, 0-1--1

Alec Mahalak, sr, Miami, 0-1--1

Conner Hutchison, fr, Vermont, 0-1--1

Jacob Modry, soph, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Shay Donovan, soph, Wisconsin, 0-0--0

Alex Roy, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0

Ethan Gauer, fr, Bemidji State, 0-0--0

Cooper Watson, sr, Michigan Tech, 0-0--0

Connor Stuart, jr, Arizona State, 0-0--0

Cory Thomas, sr, Vermont, 0-0--0

Tyler Heidt, jr, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Brian Matthews, sr, Yale, 0-0--0 (2019-20)

Andrew Lane, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 0-0--0 (2019-20)

Collin Murphy, sr, Northeastern, 0-0--0

Noah Kim, fr, Air Force, 0-0--0

Christian Felton, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Kevin Sadovski, fr, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Devon Mussio, fr, Mercyhurst, 0-0--0

Casey Staum, soph, Colorado College (MTL), DNP

Brady Smith, soph, Colorado College, DNP

John Stampohar, soph, Canisius, DNP

Christian DiCesare, soph, Notre Dame, DNP

Ryan Carmichael, soph, Notre Dame, DNP


Austin Cain, sr, Western Michigan, 3-8-2, .870, 4.04

Ryan Ferland, sr, Princeton, 1-7-2, .887, 3.40 (2019-20)

Kristian Stead, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-7-1, .858, 4.71 (2019-20)

Ty Taylor, jr, New Hampshire (TBL), 1-2, .802, 6.16

Luke Kania, sr, Brown, 1-3, .905, 3.11 (2019-20)

Josh Graziano, soph, Union, 1-1, .848, 4.40 (2019-20)

Justin Robbins, soph, Arizona State, 1-2, .836, 6.23

Nicholas MacNab, sr, Yale, 1-2, .869, 3.65 (2019-20)

Gabe Mollot-Hill, sr, Providence, 0-2, .846, 4.47

Carter McPhail, soph, Ferris State, 0-2, .839, 5.75

John Hawthorne, soph, Northern Michigan, 0-1, .872, 4.59

Reid Cooper, jr, Robert Morris, 0-1, .846, 3.35

Brian Wilson, sr, Niagara, 0-1, .757, 6.10

Stephen Mundinger, sr, Long Island, 0-1, .800, 6.08

Josh Mayanja, sr, Quinnipiac, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00

Evan Fear, soph, Quinnipiac, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00

Matt Beck, sr, Vermont, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00

Anton Martinsson, sr, Providence, 0-0, .500, 16.82

Alec Calvaruso, sr, RPI, 1-3, .869, 3.91

James Corcoran, soph, Merrimack, DNP

John Roberts, soph, Northern Michigan, DNP

Ryan Keane, soph, UConn, DNP

Bradley Stone, sr, UConn, DNP

David Tomeo, fr, Sacred Heart, DNP

Patrick Pugliese, fr, Niagara, DNP