OMAHA, Neb. -- UND junior goaltender Adam Scheel spoke with the Herald on Thursday about his season-opening shutout and how he prepared during the offseason.

Q. How did you spend this offseason?

A. I stayed in Forks through the whole lockdown. Then, I went home for the month of June. I was skating and working out at home. I came back to Forks in July and just went through summer training and that was pretty much it.

Q. Was there anything in particular you wanted to work on this summer?

A. A big emphasis was to keep developing my game. Not changing too much. Just really hammering home a lot of the details, really working on my skating. That was the biggest emphasis in the offseason, being patient on my feet, working on edges and stuff. Working out in the gym was big. I feel that’s something I needed to work on was getting bigger, stronger, more mobile and more flexible. I think it was good having the longer offseason for me in some ways.

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Q. What makes skating so important to goaltenders?

A. I think it’s everything. I think skating is the biggest part of the position. You always say that about players: If you can’t skate, you can’t play the game. It’s the same way for goaltending. You need to move to be ahead of plays, to read plays. You’re always in a better position if you stay on your feet rather than being on your knees.

Q. You had a terrific first half of last season, then didn’t play as much in the second half. How did that play into your offseason and how did you handle that mentally?

A. I think it was motivating. The second half didn’t go as planned. But it didn’t deter me at all. I know my game. I know where I can be. It pushed me to work harder in the offseason, to be more focused, to be more diligent in practice and in games. It was a bit of an eye-opener.

Q. You guys didn’t have any exhibition games or nonconference games to start the season. What was it like jumping right into a conference game after not playing since early March?

A. It was more just exciting to get back on the ice and get back into games. We did a lot of practicing. That’s what we’ve been practicing and preparing for during the last nine months. Regardless of whether it was an exhibition game or not, it was going to be intense. It was good to be back out there.

Q. How did you feel personally out there?

A. I felt really good. I was happy with how I felt and I’m looking to continue it.

Q. What did it mean to get the shutout in Game 1 against Miami?

A. It’s meaningful, but not nearly as meaningful as just getting the win. They didn’t have many scoring chances. It was more of a team shutout than an Adam Scheel shutout.

Q. What have you been doing in your down time in the Pod?

A. We’ve been hanging out. We have a pool table in the hotel. We’ve been playing a lot of that. We’ve been playing Xbox and staying busy with schoolwork with finals coming up.

Q. What game are you playing on Xbox?

A. Call of Duty.

Q. Who is the best at pool?

A. Probably Basty (Gabe Bast). Not many of us are very good at it.

Q. You guys aren’t as good as you are at ping pong?

A. Not nearly. I’m probably just as good, because I suck at both.