Q. Earlier this month, you recorded three assists in a game for your first-career, three-point game. Does that give you confidence going forward?

A. Absolutely. It's always nice to kind of get a couple of points on the board. But at the end of the day, it was Guch (Jordan Kawaguchi) and those guys on the other end that were putting the puck in the net. It's a testament to how sharp we were (that) night.

Q. It's your final season here. What's the one thing you think you improved on the most since your freshman season?

A. Four years goes by pretty quick, but I think the more that I've played here, the more I've grown as a person. Just the maturity level. I put an onus on myself to be a little more of a leader on the ice. But at the end of the day, I think it's just the confidence that grows the more you start to play in this league. You start to understand your opponents and how our systems work. So, I think it's just that the confidence has grown year by year.

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Q. Your a defenseman, so who is the toughest player to go up against in practice?

A. I don't want to make anyone's head too big. I'd maybe go with Cole Smith. That would probably be a given, just by his physical stature. Surprisingly, Collin Adams is very hard to knock off the puck. So, I'd throw those two guys in there.

Q. If you were in charge of scheduling UND's next destination game, where would you pick and why?

A. I think they've got to go back to my homeland and see if they can do a game in Canada, maybe in Toronto or Ottawa. Even Vancouver would be a cool one. But wherever they go, I know they're going to sell it out. We have some awesome fans and it will be a cool game to see.

Q. If you could eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

A. I do like my burgers, so I'd probably go with a burger. I'd do a burger for the rest of my life.

Q. What toppings?

A. Everything on there. Load it up.

Q. What is your weirdest pregame superstition?

A. Weirdly, I don't like the music too loud. Me and Jordan Kawaguchi have bumped heads a few times about level of the volume of the music before a game. I'd say that's probably it. Game time, though, crank it as loud as you can. But if it's two hours before a game, I don't want to be listening to heavy metal at full volume.

Q. Do you have a music preference pregame?

A. I just listen to whatever the guys are listening to. I'm not too specific. But the pop and the rap seems to be what's popular in the room right now.

Q. What's one thing about yourself that most UND fans would be surprised to learn?

A. Probably that I speak French. My mom is French, so I grew up going into French immersion. I lost it for a bit, but I've taken it back up with some French courses here at UND.

Q. Do you speak it outside of class ever here?

A. No, I'm pretty shy about speaking it. If it's my mom or close friends, I'll speak French. But outside of that, I'm pretty reserved.