WARROAD, Minn.-The picture from the 2005 Warroad High School Frosty Festival keeps resurfacing on NBC broadcasts and in national newspapers.

It's Gigi Marvin and T.J. Oshie, the queen and king.

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"That weekend, I won Miss Hockey and his team won state," Marvin said, standing in the lobby of the Gardens on Thursday. "It's crazy how our careers have paralleled each other."

In 2014, Marvin and Oshie both were U.S. Olympians together.

In 2018, they both reached the pinnacles of their sport together.

Marvin is an Olympic gold medalist.

Oshie is a Stanley Cup champion.

Oshie won the grand prize on Thursday night as the Washington Capitals rallied for a 4-3 victory over Vegas in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Warroad has had enough hockey success-state championships, four Olympic gold medalists, NHL stars-to dub itself Hockeytown USA.

But Oshie is the first former Warrior to win the Stanley Cup.

Chants of "Oshie!" and "We want the Cup!" filled Izzy's Lounge-the same bar and grill where fans flocked to watch Marvin's Olympic run in February.

It erupted when Oshie lifted the Cup high over his head for the first time.

If the fans weren't wearing old Warroad shirts, most had Capitals shirts on. One fan even brought one of Oshie's old blankets to the bar for good luck.

These are the fans who have been around long enough to remember the Sunday night open skates-the Copper Queen and Copper King sessions-where the Zamboni driver had a tough time getting rid of Marvin and Oshie.

In fact, one night, he gave up on them, shut off the lights and told them to close up themselves. They'd rarely get home before 11 p.m.

These are the same fans who for years held a secret from former Warrior coach Cary Eades.

Eades sometimes requested that Oshie get off the ice to rest a little bit the night before the game.

Oshie would then go across the street to Tony Selvog's house, look out the window and wait for Eades leave the rink. Once he did, they'd sneak back over and skate with the seniors. Nobody told on him.

All of that time on the ice helped Marvin and Oshie develop skills that were put on the world stage this year.

Olympic Arena sits adjacent to the Gardens in Warroad.

The Gardens rink is where the games are played.

"Olympic is where the champions are made," Marvin said, alluding to the open skates.

Marvin has spent the last three months traveling the country to do appearances and celebrate her gold medal.

Now, it's Oshie's turn to do the same.

"It has been such a fun experience, because so many people watched us and cheered us on," Marvin said. "Now, I come back, and we still get to celebrate. And it doesn't stop now because of T.J.

"We had a state title with the PeeWees. We had a gold medal with myself and my teammates. And now T.J."

At some point in the near future, the high school classmates might have to take a new Frosty picture.

"Only with a gold medal around my neck and a Stanley Cup with him," Marvin said. "What a fun year."