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ICE TIME: Q & A With UND Men's Hockey Player Mark MacMillan

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Q. What’s your first memory of playing hockey or getting on the ice?

A. I lived in Newfoundland up in Canada and my dad took me on the ice and I started crying because I hated it. That was my very first memory. Shortly after that, we moved to Estevan, Sask., and the next time I was signed up for hockey and I have loved being on the ice ever since then.

Q. What’s the best hockey experience you’ve had so far?

A. It has to be the Final Five when we came back from 3-0 against the Gophers to win 6-3. Definitely never been a part of anything like that and I don’t know if I ever will be again. That was a pretty special moment. Definitely the most memorable of my career. 

Q. What’s your favorite part about playing hockey?

A. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to one. There are a lot of parts to hockey. It’s a big part of everyone who plays here’s life and obviously it’s a big part of my life. I think one of the things I love the most is just the competitiveness of it and how a group of guys comes together to want a common goal. It’s pretty fun to go out there and compete with a bunch of guys on your team against a bunch of other guys wanting to do the same thing.

Q. What’s the most memorable goal you’ve scored?

A. The most memorable goal that comes to mind was the one that Connor Gaarder scored against Ferris State last year. For me? Maybe my first goal. I still remember that one pretty vividly against Wisconsin. I don’t have any double overtime winners against Ferris in regionals, so I guess I will have to go with my first one.

Q. What happened on the play?

A. It was a two-on-two. I was on the ice with Mario Lamoureux. He drove to the middle. I cut across, faked a shot, pulled it to my backhand and put it in.

Q. What was your favorite meal at the UND dining center?

A. I think Wednesday night pasta was everyone’s favorite. But my favorite was when my brother transferred here and I went to his house for dinner every night because he’s a good cook.

Q. What restaurant does Grand Forks need to get?

A. A place called Earl’s in Canada. It’s a pretty good spot. I like that.

Q. If you were the UND president, what’s the first thing you would do?

A. That’s a loaded question. I’m not sure. If I had any power to do it, I’d try to bring the Sioux logo back.

Q. If you could spend the day in somebody else’s shoes, who would you pick?

A. That’s another loaded question. That’s a tough one. I thinking there are lots of people. Either Sidney Crosby, because who wouldn’t want to be the best hockey player on earth, or Peyton Manning because I’m a big Peyton Manning fan.

Q. What if it had to be one of your teammates?

A. Oh man, probably Connor Gaarder because I want to know what goes on in his head all the time.

Q. If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

A. I’m kind of a Ryan Reynolds fan, so I’ll go with Ryan Reynolds.

Q. If we had a look at your Netflix queue, what would we find?

A. I watch a little bit of Dexter. I just finished Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched the other eight seasons, so I just finished that up.

Q. What’s your favorite part of campus?

A. The Ralph. I guess it’s technically not on campus, but I spend the most time here.

Q. What’s the biggest nightmare experience you’ve had on a road trip?

A. Road back from Omaha after the outdoor game when we got caught in Sisseton (S.D.) and we got stuck there for the night with the snowstorm. That’s probably a trip I will remember for a while.