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Gem of the Week: Drone to deliver food, drinks at King's Walk Golf Course

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GRAND FORKS — Golfers at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks are teeing off about the latest news. Beginning Saturday, a drone will deliver food and drinks to golfers.

Flytrex Aviation, a drone-logistics company, said the links-style golf course was an easy choice to test out the new concept. Not to mention, Grand Forks is a hot bed for testing the newest UAS technology.

“It's the perfect place," said Wes Shover of Flytrex. "It's a contained environment, wide open spaces, sparsely populated.”

It’s also the first course in the country to offer delivery service by drone.

“Insane, that's absolutely insane,” said Grand Forks resident Matt Greek. “Did not think this would be the first place."  

Ordering is about as easy as sinking a three-foot putt.

“When you are hungry or thirsty and you want delivery services instead of scouring the course or waiting for the beverage cart, you just open the app, you choose your delivery location, you choose your food items, you hit pay and then the order is placed with the restaurant,” Shover said.

Within a matter of minutes, a drone will be flying more than 200 feet high in the sky to your location.

“We noticed golfers continued to putt, continued to tee and they're not bothered by the drone at all,” Shover said.

The drone will never fly over people, and it’s not equipped with a camera.

But there’s one downfall — the course side delivery service will not be able to get you a frosty cold one because there is no way to card you.

“The future, the goal is to remove the driver of the beverage cart and all it is the restaurant operating the drone automatically,” Shover said.

It hopes to revolutionize the sport to attract new golfers and inspire the old timers.

“It's the I want it and I need it now," Shover said. "It's the efficiency.”

Only time will tell if the idea is up to par.

“That's very convenient and it might speed up the pace of the game also,” said Detroit Lakes resident Abby Schramel.

“For me personally, I would have the personal touch. The concept of having the cart girl, that's great, you get the personal service,” Greek said.

To start, there will only be one drop off site on the course until the kinks can be worked out and delivery service can expand to the rest of the course.

The drone delivery service will be free for now — but in the future there will be a small delivery fee.