After going live for the first time in camp, the UND football team took last Friday off and went through a light workout in helmets and shorts Saturday.

On Sunday, the Fighting Hawks had a tough time snapping back into the regular routine.

That didn't sit well with UND coach Bubba Schweigert.

Schweigert stopped practice, brought the entire team together and gave a good, quick chewing out regarding the sloppy play to start practice.

During the first team session of practice, bad quarterback-center exchanges, fall starts and offsides muddied the plays.

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After Schweigert's quick lecture, UND was a bit cleaner and practice ran smoother.

Here are the details from Day 14:

The scene: UND practiced in full pads from about 7:30 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. at the High Performance Center.

Play of the day: In what's become a routine showdown at camp, UND cornerback C.J. Siegel broke up a long 50-50 ball from Quincy Vaughn to Garett Maag.

Looking good: Bo Belquist reverses. UND went to the rookie wide receiver from New Rockford twice during team drills and Belquist picked up good yardage on both carries.

Needs work: Snaps. UND has worked quite a few different players in the mix at center, and it looked like Sunday that even 6-foot-4 quarterback Quincy Vaughn was having to do some acrobatics to haul in misfired shotgun snaps.

Day 14 notes

  • After Schweigert stopped practice, UND's offense still wasn't really clicking. Linebackers Jake Rastas and Josh Navratil caused problems in the backfield during Brock Boltmann's snaps at quarterback.

  • UND's blocking on the perimeter at wide receiver, running back and tight end was done well Sunday. Adam Zavalney and Dalton Gee took turns sealing the edge on routes for Chrysten Cochran and Bo Belquist.
  • On one of Belquist's reverses, UND starting outside linebacker Ray Haas showcased some of what the staff loves about his skill set. The 6-foot-5 Haas chased down Belquist and forced the reverse into a much shorter gain than expected.
  • UND worked on a lot of interior running during team drills, opening holes for Otis Weah, Luke Skokna and Dalton Gee.
  • Craig Orlando continues to make plays at nose guard, making a case for the true freshman to see the field in the spring of 2021. Orlando, though, still has technique to learn as he transitions from Minnesota 9-man football.
  • Safety Peyton Fisher, a Fargo North product, made a nice play to jump a route in team drills but dropped the interception.
  • Creighton Mitchell is starting to find a niche offensively. He hasn't found a lot of open space, but the staff will make sure the young speedster finds some plays to get him in the open field.

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