MAYVILLE, N.D. -- Sawyer Satrom broke the Mayville-Portland-CG school single-game record for rushing yards Friday. At practice here Tuesday, he told his older brother how he was going to keep that record.

“I was having a little fun with Sam,’’ Sawyer Satrom said. “I told him that, as our quarterback, I’d run the option and hold onto the ball just so I could get some yards and he couldn’t get my record.’’

It’s become a familiar tune heard by Sam Satrom, the Patriots’ senior running back. “I hear him bragging it up every night now, about how a quarterback got a running back’s record.’’

The Satrom brothers are friendly rivals. They’ve had quite a start to the high school football season. In Mayville-Portland-C-G’s first two games, each of them has broken a school record that has stood for more than 30 years.

Sawyer Satrom
Sawyer Satrom

“It’s pretty cool, something special,’’ Sam said of the back-to-back record-setting performances. “It’s a great feeling that we could do that.’’

On Friday, Sawyer Satrom, a junior quarterback, carried the football 19 times for 247 yards in a 36-12 win against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood. That broke the Patriots’ single-game mark of 231 yards, set in 1985 by Ross Almlie.

In the season opener, Sam just missed the school’s single-game record. He rushed for 225 yards despite missing most of the second half due to a shoulder injury that kept him sidelined in the 50-14 win against Griggs County Central.

That pushed the senior past Fred Walker as the Patriots’ career rushing leader with 3,375 yards yards. Walker had held the record of 3,325 yards since 1984.

“Those records have been around for a long time,’’ May-Port-CG coach Adam Sola said. “When you talk about Patriots football, Walker and Almlie, those two names are royalty around here.’’

Rather than royalty, the Satrom brothers are pushed in part by simple sibling rivalry, as indicated by Sawyer Satrom’s threat to keep the ball rather than giving it to his brother on running plays.

“They’re very competitive with each other,’’ Sola said. “I think that fuels each of them. It pushes them to be better.’’

Sam Satrom’s career record was the less surprising of the two accomplishments. He’s been a starter at running back since midway through his freshman season. He rushed for 1,337 yards last season and was just 20 yards shy of 1,000 as a sophomore.

“I knew Sam would get the record sooner or later,’’ Sola said. “He only needed 174 yards coming into the season to break it.’’

The brothers are different kinds of ball carriers. “I like contact,’’ Sam said. “Sawyer would probably try to run around a guy tackling him where I would try to run over him.’’

Sawyer was a starting wide receiver last season while playing quarterback on the junior varsity. With Sam sidelined with an injury against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, Sawyer made the most of his opportunities.

“We ran a lot of option,’’ Sola said. “They were taking away the pitch, so Sawyer kept the ball more. That’s a lot of yards for one guy, especially in an offense where you spread the ball around more. But we spread things out and gave Sawyer more room to run. He’s pretty fast.’’

Sawyer Satrom also passed for 145 yards against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood. “Everything was working,’’ he said. “The line did a good job of blocking. It boosts our confidence.’’

The quarterback’s big game gives opponents one more option they have to defend. But Sawyer Satrom concedes that his time in the Patriots’ record book probably will be short.

“I’ll give (Sam) the ball,’’ the junior said. “It’s not about individual stats. It’s about doing whatever it takes to win.

“I’m confident Sam can beat my record. He has the ability to beat it easily.’’

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