UND held its 13th fall camp practice Saturday morning at Memorial Stadium. Here are a few details to know about it:

The scene: The team practiced in shorts and shoulder pads after a rare off day Friday. Temperatures were in the low 60's with cloud cover for a majority of practice. About a dozen spectators took in practice, which was heavy on special teams and ended about 30 minutes earlier -- around 10:30 a.m. -- than most days.

Participation note: One of the biggest recruits of the 2019 signing class, Caleb Nelson, practiced for the first time Saturday morning. Nelson, the brother of safety Leonard Nelson IV, was awaiting eligibility clearance from the NCAA. He watched the first 12 practices from the sidelines. Although Nelson went through most drills, he wasn't in full pads. True freshman defensive end Chandon Pierre went down with a leg injury during team action.

Play of the day: Junior safety Jordan Canady intercepted senior quarterback Nate Ketteringham during the lone offense vs. defense portion of practice. Ketteringham was looking for true freshman wide receiver Chrysten Cochran on a corner route. But the two weren't in sync and Canady raced over and tip-toed the sideline while making the pick.

Looking good: UND ended practice with a play that sent one sideline into a frenzy. Senior quarterback Andrew Zimmerman hit Cochran on some form of a tunnel screen, which was well-blocked and the true freshman broke into the end zone from about 20 yards out.

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Next up: The team will conduct Day 14 of fall camp Sunday morning at 8:45 at Memorial Stadium.

Day 13 notes

  • UND spent most of practice in individual work and special teams. Only one practice period was dedicated to full offense against defense.
  • Wide receiver Mikey Griebel caught balls from Nate Ketteringham and Andrew Zimmerman in the limited team setting. He's strung together some of his best practices of his career.
  • Punt returners worked on fair catches in traffic for one portion of practice. For some fun, an offensive and defensive lineman took a turn at the end. Rookie defensive end Luke Lennon (I believe it was Lennon, as it was a player wearing an incorrect jersey) caught the final ball to win it for the defense after true freshman offensive lineman Jacob Lindemann had a punt go over his head.

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