UND held its 11th fall camp practice Wednesday morning at Memorial Stadium. Here are a few details to know about it:

The scene: The team practiced in full pads. The temperature at the start of practice at 8:45 a.m. was 60 degrees and cloudy. At the end of practice, about 11 a.m., it was 68 degrees and cloudy. The Washington Redskins had a scout at practice, mostly watching senior defensive end Mason Bennett.

Participation note: Wednesday was a promising day on the injury front. Tuesday sit-outs Andrew Zimmerman and Garett Maag were back in action, so were offensive linemen Ryan Tobin and Patric Rooney (not full pads). Linebacker Chavildo Van Ommeren, safety Kadon Kauppinen and running back Teddy Sherva were back practicing, too, after missing some time.

Play of the day: Sophomore quarterback Noah Grover, a transfer from Phoenix College, navigated a moving pocket before threading a needle to senior wide receiver Alex Wilde, a transfer from South Dakota State.

Looking good: True freshman wide receiver Chrysten Cochran, of River Rouge, Mich., continues to make plays at fall camp. Grover and Cochran connected on a pair of long passes during team drills.

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Needs work: Timing was off between quarterbacks and wide receivers at times Wednesday. Senior quarterback Nate Ketteringham just missed an open Wilde on a wheel route, then wasn't in sync on a back-shoulder throw to Grand Forks native Tyler Burian.

Next up: The team will practice at 8:45 a.m. at Memorial Stadium and is expected to go through a scrimmage setting.

Day 11 notes

  • UND has shown some unique formations throughout fall camp. In one such instance Wednesday, Andrew Zimmerman hit Noah Wanzek for a big gain.
  • In the first set of team drills, backup running back Austin Gordon showcased his versatility with a big run and a big catch. The running back-turned-linebacker-turned-running back is putting together a strong camp.
  • The first big play for the defense came from defensive end Ryan Schoenfelder, who drew praise from defensive coordinator Eric Schmidt on Tuesday for being able to pack on 30 pounds since he arrived on campus a year ago. Schoenfelder batted down a pass as he collapsed the pocket.
  • Junior tight end Hunter Pinke made a nice catch on the sidelines on a well-thrown ball from Grover.
  • The second round of team drills was highlighted by a Hayden Galvin pass breakup of an attempted catch by true freshman wide receiver Adam Zavalney and a Brock Boltmann diving grab.

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