UND held its seventh fall camp practice Friday morning at Memorial Stadium. Here are a few details to know about it:

The scene: UND practiced in full gear for the third time at fall camp. The practice was mostly sunny with a varying breeze. The temp was 60 degrees when practice started at 8:45 a.m., and 68 when it ended a little more than two hours later. Former UND wide receiver and captain Brady Trenbeath (2006-08), UND men's basketball coach Paul Sather, UND athletic director Bill Chaves and local businessman Wes Rydell were among the spectators at practice.

Participation note: The team didn't appear to pick up any new injuries Friday morning. True freshman defensive end Isaac Moore, who has a strong likelihood of playing right away if he can stay healthy, was back in pads after suffering an injury a few days prior.

Play of the day: Although it wasn't during a full team setting, sophomore wide receiver Garett Maag made an unbelievable catch. Quarterback Noah Grover threw high to the 6-foot-4 target down the sideline. With true freshman cornerback Sammy Fort in tight coverage, Maag managed to squeeze the ball with both hands behind Fort's back, somehow maintaining possession while bear-hugging Fort.

Looking good: Redshirt freshman linebacker Caden White made the most of a handful of reps late in the practice. He made an interception off a ball tipped by classmate Ryan Schoenfelder. White then dunked the ball in the turnover garbage can. Shortly after, White deflected another pass as he dropped in coverage.

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UND offensive line coach Joe Pawlak on what his position group needs to improve: "Finding a leader. And mentally, we can always learn more on what we need to do in certain situations. That's what we're doing right now. We're finding new avenues to teach these guys."

Next up: UND will conduct fall camp practice No. 8 on Saturday morning starting at 8:45 a.m. at Memorial Stadium.

Day 7 notes

  • Practice ended with a big cheer when UND strength coach Nate Baukol announced the Friday workout would take place in the pool at Hyslop Sports Center.
  • Fall camp isn't just for the conditioning of the players. Defensive coordinator Eric Schmidt and safeties coach Joel Schwenzfeier ran up and down the Memorial Stadium stairs at the conclusion of practice.
  • Sophomore punter Cade Peterson has shown off a powerful leg during camp. One boom sailed at least 15 yards over where the group of punt returners had been consistently fielding punts.
  • Late in UND's practices, rookies start to see reps and for the second-straight day, quarterback Tommy Schuster made a few nice plays. He connected with Park River freshman Adam Zavalney, as well as running back Luke Skokna, who took the dump pass and flashed his speed up the sideline.
  • Pass-catching opportunities have been few and far between for tight ends at fall camp but senior Alex Cloyd had some standout blocks on the perimeter in quick hitters to the wide receivers.

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