Girls tennis

N.D. state meet

Team tournament

Thursday, June 3

Quarterfinals, 10 a.m.

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At Choice Health & Fitness -- Mandan (West No. 1) vs. Valley City (East No. 4); West Fargo Sheyenne (East No. 2) vs. Bismarck Legacy (West No. 3)

At Wynne Courts -- Fargo Davies (East No. 1) vs. Bismarck Century (West No. 4); Minot (West No. 2) vs. GF Central (East No. 3)

Consolation semifinals

At Wynne Courts, 1 p.m.


At Choice Health & Fitness, 1 p.m.

Fifth place

At Wynne Courts, 4:30 p.m.

Third place

At Choice Health & Fitness, 4:30 p.m.


At Choice Health & Fitness, 6 p.m.

Prep softball

N.D. Class A state tournament

At Fort Lincoln Softball Field, Mandan

Thursday, June 3


Valley City (East No. 1) vs. Jamestown (West No. 4), 11 a.m.

Dickinson (West No. 2) vs. West Fargo Sheyenne (East No. 3), 1 p.m.

West Fargo (East No. 2) vs. Bismarck (West No. 3), 4 p.m.

Bismarck Century (West No. 1) vs. Grand Forks Central (East No. 4), 6 p.m.

Friday, June 4

Consolation semifinals, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Semifinals, 4 and 6 p.m.

Saturday, June 5

Fifth place, 10 a.m.

Third place, noon

Championship, 3 p.m.

N.D. Class B state tournament

At Kyle Lawrence Field, Jamestown

Thursday, June 3


Des Lacs-Burlington (No. 1 West seed) vs. May-Port-CG (No. 4 East) 11 a.m.

Thompson (No. 2 East) vs. Beulah (No. 3 West), 1 p.m.

Central Cass (No. 1 East) vs. Wilton-Wing (No. 4 West), 4 p.m.

Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood (No. 2 West) vs. Kindred-Richland (No. 3 East), 6 p.m.

Friday, June 4

Consolation semifinals, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Semifinals, 4 and 6 p.m.

Saturday, June 5

Seventh place, 10 a.m.

Fifth place, noon

Third place, 2 p.m.

Championship, 4 p.m.

Minnesota Section 8A tournament

Tuesday, June 1

Play-in round

North Subsection

No. 9 Indus vs. No. 8 Red Lake, 4 p.m. at Greenbush

South subsection

No. 9 Cass Lake-Bena vs. No. 8 Bagley, 4 p.m. at Lake Park

First round games

All games at 5 p.m. unless otherwise

North subsection

No. 1 Badger-Greenbush-Middle River vs. Indus/Red Lake Winner, 6 p.m.

No. 5 Lake of the Woods at No. 4 Blackduck

No. 6 West Marshall at No. 3 Northern Freeze

No. 7 Kelliher-Northome at No. 2 Red Lake Falls

South subsection

No. 1 Lake-Park Audubon vs. Cass Lake-Bena/Bagley winner, 6 p.m.

No. 5 Mahnomen-Waubun at No. 4 Fertile-Beltrami

No. 6 Sacred Heart at No. 3 Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal

No. 7 Red Lake County Central at No. 2 Ada-Borup/West

Minnesota Section 8AA tournament

Tuesday, June 1

North subsection

Pigtail round

No. 8 Roseau vs. No. 9 Crookston, 3 p.m. in Glyndon

Play-in round

All games at 5 p.m. unless otherwise

No. 1 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton vs. Roseau/Crookston winner

No. 5 Park Rapids at No. 4 Thief River Falls

No. 7 EGF Senior High at No. 2 Hawley

No. 6 East Polk at No. 3 Warroad

South subsection

Pigtail round

No. 8 Menahga vs. No. 9 Otter Tail, 3 p.m. in Pequot Lakes

Play-in round

All games at 5 p.m. unless otherwise

No. 1 Pequot Lakes vs. Menahga/Otter Tail winner

No. 5 Barnesville at No. 4 Fergus Falls

No. 7 Breckenridge at No. 2 Frazee

No. 6 Wadena-Deer Creek at No. 3 Perham

Prep baseball

N.D. Class A state tournament

At BNC National Bank Field, Mandan

Thursday, June 3


Fargo Shanley (East No. 1) vs. Bismarck Century (West No. 4), 11:30 a.m.

Dickinson (West No. 2) vs. West Fargo (East No. 3), 1:30 p.m.

West Fargo Sheyenne (East No. 2) vs. Minot (West No. 3), 4:30 p.m.

Bismarck Legacy (West No. 1) vs. Grand Forks Red River (East No. 4), 6:30 p.m.

Friday, June 4

Consolation semifinals, 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Semifinals, 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 5

Fifth place, 11 a.m.

Third place, 1 p.m.

Championship, 4 p.m.

N.D. Class B state tournament

At Jack Brown Stadium, Jamestown

Thursday, June 3


No. 2 Central Cass vs. Renville County, 11:30 a.m.

No. 3 LaMoure/Litchville-Marion vs. North Star, 1:30 p.m.

No. 1 Langdon-Edmore-Munich vs. Beulah, 4:30 p.m.

No. 4 Thompson vs. No. 5 Bishop Ryan, 6:30 p.m.

Friday, June 4

Consolation semifinals, 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Semifinals, 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 5

Seventh place, 11:30 a.m.

Fifth place, 1:30 p.m.

Third place, 4:30 p.m.

Championship, 6:30 p.m.

Minnesota Section 8A tournament

Tuesday, June 1

Opening round games

East subsection

No. 8 Red Lake at No. 1 Fosston, 5 p.m.

No. 5 Mahnomen-Waubun at No. 4 Blackduck, 4 p.m.

No. 6 Lake of the Woods at No. 3 Win-E-Mac, 4 p.m.

No. 7 Kelliher-Northome at No. 2 Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal, 4:30 p.m.

West subsection

No. 8 Northern Freeze at No. 1 Sacred Heart, 4:30 p.m.

No. 5 Red Lake County at No. 4 Kittson County Central, 4:30 p.m.

No. 6 West Marshall at West No. 3 Ada-Borup/West, 2 p.m.

No. 7 Fertile Beltrami at No. 2 Badger-Greenbush-Middle River, 4:30 p.m.

Minnesota Section 8AA tournament

Tuesday, June 1

Play-in games at 5 p.m. unless otherwise

North subsection

No. 9 EGF Senior High vs. No. 8 Hawley, 3 p.m. in Warroad

No. 1 Warroad vs. EGF Senior High/Hawley winner

No. 5 Crookston at No. 4 Thief River Falls

No. 7 Bagley at No. 2 Roseau

No. 6 Park Rapids Area at No. 3 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton

South subsection

No. 9 Barnesville vs. No. 8 Frazee, 3 p.m. at Perham

No. 1 Perham vs. Frazee/Barnesville winner

No. 5 Pelican Rapids at No. 4 Breckenridge

No. 7 Otter Tail Central at No. 2 Wadena-Deer Creek

No. 6 Fergus Falls at No. 3 Menahga

Girls soccer

N.D. State soccer tournament

At Cushman Field

Thursday, June 3

West No. 1 Minot vs. East No. 4 West Fargo, noon

East No. 2 Fargo Shanley vs. West No. 3 Bismarck, 2:15 p.m.

East No. 1 West Fargo Sheyenne vs. West No. 4 Jamestown, 4:30 p.m.

West No. 2 Mandan vs. East No. 3 Fargo Davies, 6:45 p.m.

Friday, June 4

Consolation semifinals, noon and 2:15 p.m.

Semifinals, 4:30 and 6:45 p.m.

Saturday, June 5

Fifth place, 11 a.m.

Third place, 1:15 p.m.

Championship, 3:30 p.m.

Boys golf

Eastern Dakota Conference tournament

At Kings Walk Golf Course, Tuesday

First round, 9 a.m. start

1A -- Bennett Persoon, West Fargo Sheyenne; Brady McGarry, GF Central; Sam Suppes, Fargo Davies; Zach Hinschberger, Red River

1B -- Jayce Johnson, Fargo Davies; Joey Kennelly, GF Central; Layton Bartley, West Fargo Sheyenne; Saylor Kuenzel, Red River

1C -- Braden Panzer, GF Central; Carson Skarperud, Red River; Gabe Benson, Fargo Davies; Jayme French, West Fargo Sheyenne

9A -- Chase Bry, Fargo South; Ethan Bear, Valley City; Jackson Clooten, Wahpeton

9B -- Bjorn Kubela, Wahpeton; Luke Torguson, Fargo South; Thomas Pfeifer, Valley City

10A -- Bjorn Birkelo, Wahpeton; Tre Hendrickson, Fargo South; Tucker Orner, Valley City

10B -- Jace Thompson, Valley City; Ross Gillett, Fargo South; Tanner Thiel, Wahpeton

11A -- Bridger Hansen, Wahpeton; Derek Bear, Valley City; Evan Booth, Fargo South

11B -- Avery Rugland, Wahpeton; Blake Triebold, Valley City; Drew Shambaugh, Fargo South

12A -- Henry Maughan, Fargo North; Mark Noah, Fargo Shanley; Tanner Wynn, West Fargo

13A -- Cail Astrup, Fargo Shanley; Colten Bossert, West Fargo; Drew Nelson, Fargo North

14A -- Brett Limke, West Fargo; Carson Shultis, Fargo North; Merik Grinaker, Fargo Shanley

14B -- Carson Hannestad, Fargo North; Kyle Stich, Fargo Shanley; Tristen Motter, West Fargo

15A -- Adam Schmelka, West Fargo; Jack Miller, Red River; Owen Bartz, Fargo North; Zach Skarperud, Fargo Shanley

16A -- Dawson Anderson, West Fargo; Jake Skarperud, Fargo Shanley; Landon Olson, Fargo North; Skyler Syverson, Red River

17A -- Charlie Solberg, Fargo Davies; Grant Gardner, Red River; Kyle Fulton, GF Central; Nate Peyerl, West Fargo Sheyenne

18A -- Cameron Bullinger, Fargo Davies; Carson Seng, GF Central; Ethan Frisch, West Fargo Sheyenne; Jake Grandstrand, Red River

18B -- Andrew Wilhelm, West Fargo Sheyenne; Brandon Riesinger, Red River; Jack Bryan, GF Central; Trent Wiemken, Fargo Davies

EDC total points-average points per event (as of Sunday, May 31)

1. Fargo Davies 71-8.9, 2. GF Red River 70-8.8, 3. West Fargo Sheyenne 68-8.5, 4. GF Central 60-7.5, 5. Fargo North 50-6.3, 6. West Fargo 33-4.1, 7. Fargo Shanley 32-4.0, 8. Wahpeton 29-3.6, 9. Fargo South 19-2.4, 10. Valley City 8-1.0

N.D. State Class B tournament

At Cross Roads Golf Course, Carrington

Tuesday’s first round, 9 a.m. start

1A -- Damian Pokrzywinski, Drayton; Marcus Biffert, Central Cass; Tyus Thomas, Western Morton

1B -- Alex Gellner, Langdon; Cole Holzer, Central Cass; Hunter Keller, Hazen; Sam Preston, Hillsboro-Central Valley

1C -- Aidan Hall, Northern Cass; Gehrig Geiss, Western Morton; Karsen Kulseth, Bowman County; Seth Robinson, Minto

1D -- Grayson Wetch, Oak Grove; Jaden McCloud, Bottineau; Paul Olson, Kindred; Weston Sangrait, Grafton

1E -- Champ Hettich, Beulah; Cole Fitterer, Dickinson Trinity; Drew Nicholas, North Star; Nicholas Dale, May-Port-CG

1F -- Carson Brown, North Border; Conor Schall, Oakes; Jacob Robb, Heart River; Zach St. Aubin, South Border

1G -- Joe Fode, Linton-HMB; Jordan Anderson, Glenburn; Josh Hetzel, Stanley; Riley Schaefer, Des Lacs-Burlington

1H -- Carter Renz, Linton-HMB; Chris Johnson, Divide County; Jake Mitchell, Northern Lights; Tanner Lafounatin, Des Lacs-Burlington

1I -- Brandon Albrecht, Grafton; Max McQuillan, Kindred; Max Palmer, Bottineau; Scott Boehning, Oak Grove

1J -- Austin Oakland, North Star; Joey Carr, May-Port-CG; Trey Brandt, Beulah; Tyler Brusseau, Dickinson Trinity

1K -- Jackson Meidinger, South Border; Marc Seyer, Oakes; Nick Fagerberg, Heart River; TJ Cosley, North Border

1L -- Andre Elick, Northern Lights; Easton Eriksmoen, Divide County; Jaxson Vachal, Stanley; Luke Anderson, Glenburn

1M -- Brock Woehl, Kindred; Cody Card, Oak Grove; Ty Moe, Grafton; Zach Barbot, Bottineau

1N -- Cade Fitterer, Dickinson Trinity; Jeremiah Hill, North Star; Josh Evans, May-Port-CG; Luke Feil, Beulah

1O -- Andrew Hill, Oakes; Blake Meyer, South Border; Eli Miller, Des Lacs-Burlington; Owen Stuber, Heart River

1P -- Jaden Lee, North Border; Kayle Uran, Stanley; Payne WIlkie, Northern Lights

1Q -- Blaine Stevens, Glenburn; Ethan Zink, Linton-HMB; Grant Kochner, Divide County

10A -- Andrew Haakenson, New Town; Gage Olson, South Prairie; Wyatt Meisch, LaMoure-L-M

10B -- Carter Wallner, Lisbon; Kelby Azure, Hatton-Northwood-Thompson; Zachary Hendrickson, Our Redeemer's

10C -- Joe Kramlich, Edgeley-Kulm; Parker Hubrig, Hankinson-Lidgerwood; Reese Hoffarth, Langdon; Trenton Azure, Dunseith

10D -- Aiden McLain, Grafton; Alex Lorenz, Bottineau; Cole Campbell, Kindred; Ian Saunders, Oak Grove

10E -- Brooks Vigesaa, Beulah; Logan Gross, Dickinson Trinity; Ryder Fugleberg, May-Port-CG; Tyler Lloyd, North Star

10F -- Garret Meehl, Oakes; James Schumacher, South Border; Reese Hugelen, Heart River; Tyler Gjellstad, Stanley

10G -- Cole Rolland, Glenburn; Grant Cosley, North Border; Justin Tschosik, Linton-HMB; Riley Eide, Des Lacs-Burlington

10H -- Jacob Jeglum, Divide County; Myles Jorde, North Star; Nathan Holzer, Linton-HMB; Tuff Longie, Northern Lights

10I -- Hunter Bindas, Kindred; Ian Amsbaugh, Bottineau; John Schumacher, Grafton; Mason Martinson, Oak Grove

10J -- Carter Eide, Des Lacs-Burlington; Jackson Caron, May-Port-CG; Justin Sailer, Beulah; Ty Dassinger, Dickinson Trinity

10K -- Brennor Grinstead, Stanley; Dalton Schmit, Oakes; Kolen Klein, South Border; Lance Kostelecky, Heart River

10L -- Anthony Johnson, Divide County; Jackson Johnson, North Border; Logan Elick, Northern Lights; Peyton Masset, Linton-HMB

10M -- Adam Graney, Beulah; Colman Berg, Des Lacs-Burlington; Colten Martz, South Border; Luke Mission, North Border

10N -- Aidan Zuger, Oak Grove; Colin Wilmot, Bottineau; Kyle Campbell, Kindred; Ryan O’Toole, Grafton

10O -- Ayden Merry, Dickinson Trinity; Cade Wansek, North Star; Cody Fugleberg, May-Port-CG; Justin Germundson, Stanley

10P -- Dylan Harris, Oakes; Jackson DeJardine, Divide County; Julius Elick, Northern Lights; Van Clarys, Heart River


Expedition League

Win-Loss Percentage GB

Lewis Division

Mining City 4-1 0.800 --

Wheat City 3-2 0.600 1

Badlands 2-2 0.500 1.5

Souris Valley 2-2 0.500 1.5

Canyon County 1-4 0.200 3

Casper 1-4 0.200 3

Clark Division

Fremont 6-1 0.857 --

Spearfish 5-1 0.833 1

Western Nebraska 3-2 0.600 1.5

Pierre 2-3 0.400 2

Hastings 2-5 0.285 4

Sioux Falls 0-4 0.000 4

Sunday’s results

Fremont Moo 3, Hastings 1

Sasquatch 8, Pierre 7

College baseball

NCAA tournament regionals

At Klein Field, Stanford (Cali.)

Friday, June 4

First round

No. 4 Seed N.D. State (41-17) at No. 1 Seed Stanford (33-14), 3 p.m. on ESPN3 and Bison 1660

College hockey

NCAA transfer portal additions 2021-22


G Evan Fear, soph, Quinnipiac to Northeastern

F Phil Knies, sr, Miami to Bentley

G Austin Cain, sr, Western Michigan to Providence

F Tyrone Bronte, fr, Alabama Huntsville to Michigan Tech

F Danny Weight, fr, Boston College to Colorado College

D Sam Sternschein, Penn State to Boston College

F Griffin Loughran, Northern Michigan to Michigan State

D Slava Demin, Denver to UMass


Colorado College

F Noah Prokop, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0

F Danny Weight, fr, Colorado College, 0-0--0


F Cameron Wright, sr, Bowling Green, 13-16--29


F Chase Gresock, jr, Merrimack, 4-4--8

D Will Cullen, jr, Bowling Green, 6-19--25

G Logan Neaton, soph, UMass Lowell (WPG), 0-1, .855, 4.85

Minnesota Duluth

F Casey Gilling, sr, Miami, 4-11--15

North Dakota

F Ashton Calder, jr, Lake Superior State, 16-13--29

F Connor Ford, sr, Bowling Green, 16-12--28

D Chris Jandric, jr, Alaska Fairbanks, 5-17--22 (2019-20)

D Brady Ferner, jr, RPI, 2-6--8 (2019-20)

G Zach Driscoll, sr, Bemidji State, 15-10-3, .922, 2.32


F Brannon McManus, sr, Minnesota, 9-16--25

Big Ten

Michigan State

F Griffin Loughran, jr, Northern Michigan, 5-10--15


F Colin Schmidt, soph, Union, 1-4--5 (2019-20)

F Grant Cruikshank, jr, Colorado College, 8-2--10

Notre Dame

F Jack Adams, jr, Union (DET), 10-12--22 (2018-19)

D Chase Blackmun, jr, UMass Lowell, 6-5--11

D Adam Karashik, sr, UConn, 1-8--9

G Matthew Galajda, sr, Cornell, 23-2-4, .931, 1.56 (2019-20)

Ohio State

F Jake Wise, jr, Boston University (CHI), 1-1--2

D William Riedell, sr, Lake Superior State, 6-11--17

Penn State

F Ben Copeland, jr, Colorado College, 4-7--11


F Max Johnson, sr, Bowling Green, 10-14--24

F Carson Bantle, fr, Michigan Tech (ARI), 2-1-3

G Jared Moe, soph, Minnesota (WPG), 2-0, .852, 3.45


Bowling Green

F Coale Norris, sr, Ferris State, 8-9--17

F Nathan Burke, jr, Minnesota, 3-4--7

D Gabriel Chicoine, jr, Norwich (D-3), 0-2--2

Lake Superior State

D Jake Willets, soph, Ferris State, 2-4--6

Michigan Tech

F Matthew Quercia, jr, Boston University, 2-1--3

F Tyrone Bronte, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 4-9--13


F Zach Krajnik, fr, Alaska Anchorage, DNP

D Benton Maass, sr, New Hampshire (WAS), 2-2--4

Northern Michigan

D Trevor Cosgrove, sr, Colgate, 3-1--4

St. Thomas

F T.J. Polglaze, jr, Michigan Tech, 0-0--0

D Nolan Sawchuk, jr, UMass Lowell, 1-2--3

D John Schuldt, jr, Omaha, 0-0--0

D Trevor Zins, soph, St. Cloud State, DNP

G Peter Thome, sr, North Dakota (CBJ), 2-2, .872, 2.83

Hockey East

Boston College

F Brandon Kruse, sr, Bowling Green (VGK), 11-23--34

D Justin Wells, sr, Bowling Green, 2-7--9

D Sam Sternschein, sr, Penn State, 2-5--7

G Eric Dop, sr, Bowling Green, 13-8-1, .923, 2.16

Boston University

F Matt Brown, soph, UMass Lowell, 8-5--13


F Steven Jandric, sr, Denver, 1-5--6

D Colby Bukes, so, MSU-Mankato, 0-0--0

New Hampshire

F Harrison Blaisdell, soph, North Dakota (WPG), 0-4--4

G David Fessenden, soph, Alabama Huntsville, 3-11-1, .910, 2.94


F Jakov Novak, jr, Bentley (OTT), 7-10--17

D Tommy Miller, sr, Michigan State, 1-3--4

G Evan Fear, soph, Quinnipiac, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00


F Alex Esposito, sr, Vermont, 1-2--3

F Kohen Olischefski, sr, Denver, 4-10--14

G Austin Cain, sr, Western Michigan, 3-8-2, .870, 4.04


F Kevin O'Neil, sr, Yale, 5-12--17 (2019-20)

G Darion Hanson, sr, Union, 7-24-4, .910, 2.79 (2019-20)


F Matt Baker, sr, Dartmouth, 6-18--24 (2019-20)

F Cam Donaldson, sr, Cornell, 5-13--18 (2019-20)

D Slava Demin, jr, Denver (VGK pick, CHI rights), 3-5--8

UMass Lowell

F Ryan Brushett, soph, Omaha, 1-6--7

D Nick Austin, sr, Colgate, 1-5--6


F Philip Lagunov, sr, UMass, 4-2--6

D Cory Babichuk, soph, RPI, 4-12--16 (2019-20)

D Joe Leahy, jr, Cornell, 3-4--7 (2019-20)

D Robbie Stucker, jr, Minnesota (CBJ), 0-5--5



F Luke Santerno, sr, Bentley, 5-11--16

D Lucas Kaelble, sr, Lake Superior, 2-13--15


F Oliver Chau, sr, UMass, 5-22--27

D Brendan Less, sr, Dartmouth, 1-8--9 (2019-20)

D Griffin Mendel, sr, Denver, 0-2--2

D Tony Stillwell, sr, Brown, 1-9--10 (2019-20)

G Dylan St. Cyr, sr, Notre Dame, 11-9-1, .921, 2.44


F T.J. Walsh, so, Northeastern, 0-3--3

F Jake Lee, fr, Merrimack 0-0--0

D Anthony Baxter, sr, UMass Lowell, 3-2--5

D Jack Agnew, fr, Boston College, 0-0--0

St. Lawrence

F Josh Boyer, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0


G Connor Murphy, soph, Northeastern, 9-9-3, .910, 2.72

Atlantic Hockey

American International

F Brian Rigali, sr, UConn, 3-2--5

F Chris Van Os-Shaw, jr, MSU-Mankato, 0-1--1


F Phil Knies, sr, Miami, 3-6--9

F Collin Rutherford, sr, Dartmouth, 3-8--11 (2019-20)

F Kohei Sato, sr, New Hampshire, 1-7--8

F Eric Linell, soph, UConn, 1-0--1

G Evan Debrouwer, jr, Arizona State, 3-9-1, .888, 4.13


F Danny DiGrande, soph, RPI, 3-1--4

D Joey Matthews, sr, Dartmouth, 0-7--7 (2019-20)


F Pierce Crawford, sr, Notre Dame, 1-3--4


F Jack DeBoer, jr, Boston University, 1-2--3


D Gianfranco Cassaro, soph, UMass, 0-0--0

Robert Morris

F Mickey Burns, fr, Vermont, 0-0--0

Sacred Heart

F Troy Conzo, sr, Colorado College, 2-3--5

F Dante Palecco, sr, Yale, 5-3--8 (2019-20)

F Dakota Raabe, sr, Michigan, 1-3--4

F Neil Shea, soph, Northeastern, 1-0--1

D Rourke Russell, sr, Miami, 3-2--5

D Logan Britt, soph, Quinnipiac, 2-3--5

D Dante Fantauzzi, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 0-0--0 (2019-20)


Alabama Huntsville (program suspended for at least 2021-22 season)

F Matthew Jennings, jr, Ohio State, 0-0--0

D Dominick Procopio, jr, UMass Lowell, 0-1--1

Arizona State

F Colin Theisen, sr, Notre Dame, 8-6--14

F Jack Becker, sr, Michigan (BOS), 4-5--9

D Tim Theocharidis, jr, Bowling Green, 5-10--15

D Tim Lovell, fr, Boston College, 0-2--2

G Ben Kraws, soph, Miami, 0-6, .875, 4.49

Long Island University

F P.J. Marrocco, jr, Arizona State, 1-4--5

F Tyler Welsh, sr, Yale, 8-15--23

F Billy Jerry, sr, RPI, 3-2--5 (2019-20)

F Zach Nazzarett, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 7-4--11 (2019-20)

G Kris Carlson, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-16-3, .907, 3.15 (2019-20)

Uncommitted players in the NCAA transfer portal


D Taylor Brierley, sr, Union, 1-2--3 (2019-20)


Pierre-Luc (Pete) Veillette, jr, Lake Superior State, 13-14--27

Randy Hernandez, fr, Robert Morris, 11-14--25

Nick Prkusic, sr, Robert Morris, 7-18--25

Grant Hebert, jr, Robert Morris, 8-15--23

Hampus Eriksson, sr, Lake Superior State, 6-13--19

Michael Regush, jr, Cornell, 11-7--18 (2019-20)

Justin Addamo, jr, Robert Morris, 8-7--15

Santeri Hartikainen, soph, Robert Morris, 5-9--14

Nick Lalonde, jr, Robert Morris, 6-7--13

Bauer Neudecker, jr, Alabama Huntsville, 5-7--12

Jordan Timmons, jr, Robert Morris, 9-2--11

Aidan Spellacy, jr, Robert Morris, 5-6--11

Bailey Conger, jr, Colorado College, 4-7--11 (2019-20)

Jake Paganelli, sr, Princeton, 3-8--11

Lucas Finner, sr, Ferris State, 2-9--11

Lee Lapid, jr, Canisius, 5-5--10

Jared Nash, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-8--10

Hank Crone, jr, Denver, 5-4--9

Matthew Fawcett, soph, Quinnipiac, 4-5--9

Cullen Munson, sr, Minnesota, 2-7--9

Jake Pappalardo, sr, Holy Cross, 5-3--8

Brett Van Os, sr, Western Michigan, 4-4--8

Eric Cooley, sr, Niagara, 4-4--8

Brayden Camrud, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 3-5--8 (2019-20)

Christiano Versich, sr, Colorado College, 3-4--7 (2019-20)

Matthew Guerra, fr, Robert Morris, 3-4--7

Thomas Daskas, fr, Air Force, 3-4--7

Justin Kendall, sr, Niagara, 3-4--7

Josh Kosack, sr, Union, 2-5--7 (2019-20), reportedly returning to Union

Cameron Hebert, soph, Robert Morris, 3-3--6

Quinn Green, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 3-3--6

Kyler Head, fr, Robert Morris, 2-4--6

Zach Court, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 1-5--6 (2019-20)

Christian Rajic, sr, Long Island, 2-3--5

Colin Burston, sr, Brown, 2-3--5 (2019-20)

Vlad Dzhioshvili, sr, Vermont, 1-4--5

Gavin Gulash, fr, Robert Morris, 1-4--5

Zac Masson, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 1-4--5 (2019-20)

Patrick Kramer, sr, Merrimack, 0-5--5

Kevin Obssuth, jr, Canisius, 3-1--4

Jake Durflinger, sr, Denver, 2-2--4

Brody Stevens, sr, Michigan State, 2-2--4

Adrian Danchenko, soph, Alabama Huntsville, 2-2--4

Chris Berger, sr, Brown, 2-2--4 (2019-20)

Brett Jewell, sr, Yale, 2-2--4 (2019-20)

Alexandro Ambrosio, sr, Lake Superior, 1-3--4

Gianluca Esteves, sr, Michigan State, 2-1--3

Justin Cmunt, soph, Mercyhurst, 2-1--3

Roman Kraemer, soph, Robert Morris, 2-1-3

Conor Witherspoon, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-3--3

Matt Steeves, sr, Notre Dame, 2-0--2

Simon Boyko, soph, Vermont, 2-0--2

Darcy Walsh, soph, Robert Morris, 2-0--2

Bennett Stockdale, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 2-0--2

Ty Readman, jr, Northern Michigan 1-1--2

Jordan Kaplan, jr, Vermont, 1-1--2

Jack Doremus, sr, Denver, 0-2--2

Keenan Lund, soph, Air Force, 0-2--2

Garrett Clegg, soph, Robert Morris, 0-2--2

Albin Nilsson, soph, Providence, 1-0--1

Noah Finstrom, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 1-0--1

Frank Vitucci, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 1-0--1

Austin Goldstein, sr, Northeastern, 0-1--1 (retired)

Ace Cowans, sr, Vermont, 0-1--1

Christian Simeone, jr, Merrimack, 0-1--1

Khristian Bahn, soph, Mercyhurst, 0-1--1

Dylan Mills, jr, Niagara, 0-1--1

Garrett Worth, fr, Long Island, 0-1--1

Madoka Suzuki, fr, Long Island, 0-1--1

Derek Contessa, soph, Sacred Heart, 0-1--1

Tommy Lee, jr, RPI, 0-1--1 (2019-20)

Peyton Francis, soph, Alabama Huntsville, 0-1--1

Jake Witkowski, sr, Boston University, 0-0--0

Travis Kothenbeutel, jr, Omaha, 0-0--0

Austin O'Rourke, jr, UMass Lowell, 0-0--0

Eugene Fadyeyev, sr, Ohio State, 0-0--0

Josh Groll, fr, Michigan, 0-0--0

Remy Parker, soph, Maine, 0-0--0

Daniel Winslow, jr, Quinnipiac, 0-0--0

Matt Hutton, fr, Robert Morris, 0-0--0

Carson Gallagher, fr, Sacred Heart, 0-0--0

Cam Cook, jr, Niagara, 0-0--0

Zach Pellegrino, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Devan Tongue, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Nick Michel, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-0--0

Jonah Alexander, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-0--0

Adam Stacho, fr, American International, 0-0--0

Matus Spodniak, jr, American International, 0-0--0

Hunter Wendt, jr, Ferris State, 0-0--0

Connor Szmul, fr, Long Island, 0-0--0

Noah Weber, soph, Minnesota, DNP

Brady Meyer, soph, Minnesota Duluth, DNP

Corey Clifton, fr, Quinnipiac, DNP

Whim Stalberg, fr, Vermont, DNP

Matt Thomson, jr, Northeastern, DNP

Tyler Ghirardosi, fr, Quinnipiac, DNP

Trevor Poeze, fr, Niagara, DNP

Ashton Stockie, soph, Mercyhurst, DNP

MacGregor Sinclair, soph, Canisius, DNP

Colin Tonge, sr, Princeton, DNP (2019-20)

Daniel Rybarik, fr, Alaska Anchorage, first season canceled

Olivier Gauthier, fr, Alaska Anchorage, first season canceled


Brendon Michaelian, jr, Robert Morris, 4-11--15

Brian Kramer, fr, Robert Morris, 0-12--12

Carson Musser, sr, Bowling Green, 1-9--10

Christian Evers, sr, Vermont, 4-3--7

Nolan Schaeffer, jr, Robert Morris, 2-5--7

Dominic Dockery, sr, Merrimack, 1-6--7

Dayne Finnson, jr, Alabama Huntsville, 2-4--6

Lucas Bahn, soph, Alabama Huntsville, 2-4--6

Drew Lennon, jr, Alabama Huntsville, 2-3--5

Philip Alftberg, sr, St. Lawrence, 1-4--5

Trevor Cosgrove, sr, Colgate, 3-1--4

Bo Hanson, sr, Denver, 1-3--4

David Lafrance, fr, Robert Morris, 1-3--4

Mick Henegan, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 1-3--4

Tyler Love, soph, Robert Morris, 0-4--4

Drayson Pears, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 0-4--4 (2019-20)

Taylor Brierley, sr, Union, 1-2--3 (2019-20)

Michael Karow, sr, Boston College (ARI), 1-2--3

Darby Gula, jr, Bemidji State, 1-2--3

Brian Scoville, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 1-2--3

Sam Rossini, sr, Minnesota, 0-3--3

Geoff Lawson, jr, Robert Morris, 0-3--3

Ryan Wheeler, jr, UConn, 2-0--2

Levi Kleiboer, soph, Maine, 2-0--2

Charlie Marchand, sr, Bentley, 1-1--2

Noah Ganske, fr, Northern Michigan 0-2--2

Jake Stevens, sr, St. Lawrence, 0-2--2

Bradley Stonnell, soph, Robert Morris, 0-2--2

Brett Humberstone, fr, Long Island, 0-2--2

Troy Robillard, soph, Alaska Anchorage, 0-2--2 (2019-20)

Sam Miller, fr, American International, 1-0--1

Ryan Dickinson, fr, Ohio State, 0-1--1

Mason Palmer, soph, Northern Michigan, 0-1--1

Alec Mahalak, sr, Miami, 0-1--1

Conner Hutchison, fr, Vermont, 0-1--1

Josh Martin, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-1--1

Ayodele Adeniye, fr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-0--0

Jacob Modry, soph, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Shay Donovan, soph, Wisconsin, 0-0--0

Alex Roy, soph, Omaha, 0-0--0

Ethan Gauer, fr, Bemidji State, 0-0--0

Cooper Watson, sr, Michigan Tech, 0-0--0

Connor Stuart, jr, Arizona State, 0-0--0

Cory Thomas, sr, Vermont, 0-0--0

Tyler Heidt, jr, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Brian Matthews, sr, Yale, 0-0--0 (2019-20)

Andrew Lane, jr, Alaska Anchorage, 0-0--0 (2019-20)

Collin Murphy, sr, Northeastern, 0-0--0

Noah Kim, fr, Air Force, 0-0--0

Christian Felton, fr, Bentley, 0-0--0

Kevin Sadovski, fr, Merrimack, 0-0--0

Devon Mussio, fr, Mercyhurst, 0-0--0

Quinn Warmuth, soph, Robert Morris, 0-0--0

Jay Powell, jr, Alabama Huntsville, 0-0--0

Casey Staum, soph, Colorado College (MTL), DNP

Brady Smith, soph, Colorado College, DNP

John Stampohar, soph, Canisius, DNP

Christian DiCesare, soph, Notre Dame, DNP

Ryan Carmichael, soph, Notre Dame, DNP


Noah West, fr, Robert Morris, 9-7, .915, 2.66

Ryan Ferland, sr, Princeton, 1-7-2, .887, 3.40 (2019-20)

Kristian Stead, sr, Alaska Anchorage, 2-7-1, .858, 4.71 (2019-20)

Derek Krall, fr, 0-6, .854, 4.49

Ty Taylor, jr, New Hampshire (TBL), 1-2, .802, 6.16

Luke Kania, sr, Brown, 1-3, .905, 3.11 (2019-20)

Josh Graziano, soph, Union, 1-1, .848, 4.40 (2019-20)

Justin Robbins, soph, Arizona State, 1-2, .836, 6.23

Nicholas MacNab, sr, Yale, 1-2, .869, 3.65 (2019-20)

Gabe Mollot-Hill, sr, Providence, 0-2, .846, 4.47 (committed to U of Guelph)

Carter McPhail, soph, Ferris State, 0-2, .839, 5.75

John Hawthorne, soph, Northern Michigan, 0-1, .872, 4.59

Reid Cooper, jr, Robert Morris, 0-1, .846, 3.35

Brian Wilson, sr, Niagara, 0-1, .757, 6.10

Stephen Mundinger, sr, Long Island, 0-1, .800, 6.08

Josh Mayanja, sr, Quinnipiac, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00

Matt Beck, sr, Vermont, 0-0, 1.000, 0.00

Anton Martinsson, sr, Providence, 0-0, .500, 16.82

George McBey, soph, 0-1, .783, 15.00

Alec Calvaruso, sr, RPI, 1-3, .869, 3.91

James Corcoran, soph, Merrimack, DNP

John Roberts, soph, Northern Michigan, DNP

Ryan Keane, soph, UConn, DNP

Bradley Stone, sr, UConn, DNP

David Tomeo, fr, Sacred Heart, DNP

Patrick Pugliese, fr, Niagara, DNP