Here's a list of North Dakota high school players who have been selected in the NHL Draft.

By year

1972 - Dennis Johnson, GFC, 5th round, 74th overall, Detroit Red Wings

1978 - Mark Berge, RR, 11th round, 182nd overall, Philadelphia Flyers

1982 - Brian Williams, FN, 9th round, 187th overall, Montreal Canadiens

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1982 - Tim Loven, RR, 11th round, 213rd overall, Toronto Maple Leafs

1984 - Lee Brodeur, GPR, 4th round, 65th overall, Montreal Canadiens

1984 - Dave Hanson, GFC, 4th round, 79th overall, Philadelphia Flyers

1988 - Chad Johnson, GFC, 6th round, 117th overall, New Jersey Devils

1989 - Mike Markovich, GFC, 6th round, 121st overall, Pittsburgh Penguins

1991 - Brent Brekke, Jamestown, 9th round, 188th overall, Quebec Nordiques

1994 - Mike Peluso, BHS, 10th round, 253rd overall, Calgary Flames

1994 - Mike Hanson, Minot, 11th round, 269th overall, New Jersey Devils

2000 - Grant Potulny, RR, 5th round, 157th overall, Ottawa Senators

2001 - Andy Schneider, RR, 5th round, 156th overall, Pittsburgh Penguins

2001 - James Massen, RR, 6th round, 194th overall, New Jersey Devils

2003 - Danny Irmen, FN-RR, 3rd round, 78th overall, Minnesota Wild

2003 - Ryan Potulny, RR, 3rd round, 87th overall, Philadelphia Flyers

2012 - Paul LaDue, GFC, 6th round, 181st overall, Los Angeles Kings

2013 - Keaton Thompson, DL, 3rd round, 87th overall, Anaheim Ducks

2013 - Luke Johnson, RR-GFC, 5th round, 134th overall, Chicago Blackhawks

2014 - Alex Schoenborn, Minot, 3rd round, 72nd overall, San Jose Sharks

2019 - Judd Caulfield, GFC, 5th round, 145th overall, Pittsburgh Penguins

By overall pick

No. 65 overall - Lee Brodeur, GPR, Montreal Canadiens (1984)

No. 72 overall - Alex Schoenborn, Minot, San Jose Sharks (2014)

No. 74 overall - Dennis Johnson, GFC, Detroit Red Wings (1972)

No. 78 overall - Danny Irmen, FN-RR, Minnesota Wild (2003)

No. 79 overall - Dave Hanson, GFC, Philadelphia Flyers (1984)

No. 87 overall - Keaton Thompson, DL, Anaheim Ducks (2013)

No. 87 overall - Ryan Potulny, RR, Philadelphia Flyers (2003)

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