GF Central

Coach: Grant Paranica.

2018-19 record: 25-0-0, East Region and state tournament champion.

Key graduation losses: Cole Hanson, Lucas Kanta, Brandon Holt, Hunter Bjorge, Parker Stroh, Cole Wigestrand, Aaron Nielson, Kyler Briske.

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Top returners (goals-assists): Sr. William Lawson-Body (all-EDC, 20-30), sr. Will Howard (11-13), jr. Braden Panzer (7-11), jr. Chase Spicer (5-12), sr. Peter Loyland (2-12), jr. Blaise Miller (4-10), jr. Joey Kennelly (11-3), sr. Brandon McGarry (1-4), jr. Adam Arnold (0-5).

Potential new impact players: Jr. Kolby Elseth, jr. Joe Riskey, jr. Carson Caulfield, sr. Tyler Zahradka, jr. Brendan White, soph. Dillon Kuntz.

Knights coach Paranica says: "We have a lot of holes to fill and a lot of opportunities for kids. We lost our starting goalie and 70 percent of our scoring from last year. Seven kids from last year’s team are playing junior hockey. We have to build around kids who were scorers for us like Lawson-Body, Kennelly and Howard. The biggest question mark is on the back end and in goal. We have a lot of new faces there. They lack varsity experience, but they have skills.’’

GF Red River

Coach: Mike LaMoine.

2018-19 record: 15-11-0, sixth at state tournament.

Key graduation losses: Nate Bradbury, Tyler Savage, Maxx Andrade, Noah Bradbury.

Top returners (goals-assists): Sr. Connor Arel (all-EDC, all-state, 8-5), sr. Mason Thingvold (8-12), jr. Brendan Mullen (2-11), sr. Logan Huus (1-11), sr. Jaxon Liam (7-5), sr. Tanner Bernhardson (0-2), jr. Zach Hinschberger (1-5), sr. Joby Mullen (1-0).

Potential new impact players: Sr. Michael Notlestad, jr. Justin Wasvick, jr. Drew Melland, soph. Wyatt LeDuc, soph. Jake Grandstrand, fr. Michael Coleman.

Roughriders coach LaMoine says: "To be successful, we’ll have to play very good defense. With Conner, Logan, Tanner and some of the young kids, we have guys who are working hard at it. We have five guys competing for the goalie job. I think we’ll have to rely on balance on the offensive end. We don’t have that go-to guy to score as yet. Maybe that will change over the course of the season.’’

Devils Lake

2018-19 record: 9-13-1.

Top returners: Sr. Aaron Johnson (10-8), jr. Carter Schwab (6-8), sr. Austin Devier (6-8), soph. Camden Schwab (7-3).

Grafton/Park River

2018-19 record: 6-16-1.

Top returners: Sr. Todd Anderson (7-8), jr. Kody Keeley (7-5), jr. Landon Woinarowicz (5-5), sr. Nathan Gilleshammer (3-7), jr. G Ryan O'Toole (4-6-1, 4.50 GAA, .855 save %).


Grand Forks

Coach: Alex Hedlund

2018-19: 12-13-0, finished sixth at state tournament.

Key graduation losses: Abby Schauer, Katelin Peterson, Jessica Lee, Payton Kriewald.

Top returners (goals-assists): Jr. Shaley Richards (13-17), jr. Morgan Stenseth (11-9), soph. Kylie Autrey (10-6), sr. Emily Benson (4-9), sr. Haily Stenberg (3-5), fr. Quinn Fournier (3-5), jr. Hannah Gray (2-6), sr. Lexi Laframboise (2-5), jr. Maya Tellmann (1-2), fr. G Kaylee Baker (6-7-0, 2.88 GAA, .888 save %).

Potential new impact players: Fr. Averi Greenwood, soph. Maya Zahui, sr. Emilee Ziegler, jr. Megan Jacobson, fr. Lauren Robinson.

KnightRiders coach Hedlund says: "We’re really optimistic. We have so many returners. They’re a year older, a year stronger, a year smarter. We can tell the kids put in time on their game in the offseason. We need to put more pucks in the net. Special teams will be huge. Our power play percentage wasn’t good last year. We’re looking better there.’’

Devils Lake

2018-19: 8-15-1, 0-2 at state tournament.

Top returners: Sr. Kaylie Klemetsrud (all-EDC, all-state, 25-9), sr. Elle Black (11-19), fr. Abbey Reule (8-16), soph. Vivianna Kraft (2-8), sr. Hannah Barendt (0-3), sr. Haylee Carlson (1-1), jr. G Molly Black (all-EDC, all-state, 8-15-1, 2.94 GAA, .912 save %).

Compiled by Greg DeVillers