EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — Bennett Brien, the man who created the "Fighting Sioux" logo for the University of North Dakota, is back with a new symbol of his own.

With hats and hoodies, he's launched a new business. But he says his hawk design isn't meant to be a snub against any of the other symbols.

"Well, people have their choices, whatever they want to pick. If they like this one, great," Brien said. "This is just something, a venture I've never tried. And what the heck, you know, it's time to do different things."

Brien says the logo has symbolism in its colors. The red symbolizes the sacrifices of native people of past generations.

"(They) sacrificed for us so that we could be here too and have our moment in time. The green is of course for the earth and growth. Yellow for the sun," Brien explained.

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Brien said he's not stopping with a hawk. He also plans to design a logo featuring a face, all part of what he's calling the "Legendary collection."