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Grand Forks' Robyn Bancroft finishes second Boston Marathon

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Runners approach the finish line on Boylston Street during the 123rd Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., April 15, 2019. REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl2 / 2

BOSTON—In her second Boston Marathon on Monday, Grand Forks' Robyn Bancroft wanted a chance to embrace the experience more than her first event in 2017.

In 2017, Bancroft's father Bob Belt had recently died and the health of her father-in-law Vern Bancroft was also declining.

On Monday afternoon, she ran the Boston Marathon on her terms, she said.

The 39-year-old mother of two finished the 26.2-mile race in 3 hours, 44 minutes, 49 seconds.

"It's so neat to be part of this," she said of the 123rd running of the Boston Marathon. "The crowd and support are amazing."

Bancroft said the weather in Boston was a challenge. Temperatures were about 65 degrees and humid, she said.

"It got warm for my standards," Bancroft said. "This was my worst winter ever for training. The warmest I was training in was 20 degrees. I have quite the tan line today. I haven't seen sun like that since September."

Feeling the heat, Bancroft focused less on hitting a certain time, she said. She didn't look at her watch for much of the race—until about Mile 23.

At that point, she was in range of running under 3 hours and 45 minutes, so she started to push to the finish line.

This 2019 Boston Marathon is probably her last, she said.

"I think I got my fill," said Bancroft, who was the only Grand Forks runner in this year's event.

She's not through with marathons, however. She now turns her attention to the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth on June 22.

The hope is to qualify at the Grandma's Marathon for the New York City Marathon in November.

Boston Marathon

Monday's results

(Name, age, gender, hometown, time and overall place)

North Dakota

Holly Anderson, 58, F, Bismarck, 4:35:03, 21,567

Robyn Bancroft, 39, F, Grand Forks, 3:46:18, 12,849

Lynn Beiswanger, 64, M, Bismarck, 4:01:47, 15,896

Tara McDonald, 37, F, Bismarck, 3:22:01, 6,833

Cindy Dobbs, 55, F, Fargo, 5:06:39, 23,294

Cody Glaser, 41, M, Fargo, 3:29:24, 8,722

Lynae Hansen-Lardy, 49, F, West Fargo, 4:03:46, 16,326

Mark Momerak, 61, M, Bismarck, 3:18:46, 5,845

Kathy Lein, 55, F, Bismarck, 4:17:46, 18,128

Julie Sorby Engen, 46, F, Fargo, 3:44:20, 12,123

Jennifer Eggert, 35, F, Bismarck, 3:57:18, 15,762

Haylee Hastad, 26, F, Fargo, 3:37:12, 11,002

Miles Triser, 28, M, Jamestown, 3:51:40, 11,986

Sarah McCullough, 56, F, Bismarck, 4:00:41, 15,821

Vicki Schneider, 43, F, Fargo, 3:33:28, 9,009

Mandy Stephens, 35, F, Mandan, 4:06:31

Jacqueline Kelly, 58, F, Fargo, 3:45:43, 13,096

Maria Weller, 54, F, West Fargo, 4:24:37, 20,038

Brad McConn, 28, M, Fargo, 3:36:51, 10,375

Christopher Hass, 41, M, Fargo, 2:55:25, 1,580

Tanya Hass, 37, F, Fargo, 3:59:02, 12,649

Linnet Walter, 52, F, Bismarck, 3:55:54, 15,125

Jerod Tufte, 44, M, Dawson, 3:28:11, 7,727

Scott Beaulier, 41, M, Fargo, 3:27:20, 7,428

Stefanie Hanisch, 48, F, Fargo, 3:51:02, 12,156

Kevin Carolio, 50, M, Fargo, 3:37:44, 10,710

Dawn Peters, 50, F, West Fargo, 3:57:11, 15,070

Allison Germolus, 53, F, Bismarck, 3:41:51, 11,265

Mark Sailer, 46, M, Zap, 3:16:35, 5,514

Sarah Deutsch, 39, F, Fargo, 4:08:55, 17,336

David Nash, 63, M, Bismarck, 4:39:01, 21,878

Steve Tibke, 51, M, Mandan, 3:12:57, 4,066

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