Lana Krack's Thompson High School running career has come a long way.

As a seventh-grader, Krack took 158th at the North Dakota Class B state cross country meet. After the meet, her teammates voted her Most Improved.

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Krack's a senior now and at the other end of the pack.

In fact, on Thursday night at the Red River Valley Conference Indoor Meet at UND's High Performance Center, the rest of the pack wasn't anywhere near Krack.

Krack, the defending state Class B champion in the mile and two-mile, won the 600, 1,500, and ran anchor on two of the Tommies' winning relays.

"We hope to pick up where we left off last year," Thompson coach Jeremy Anderson said. "She's really worked on her speed and strength over the winter."

Krack won the 600 (winning time of 1:43.85) by more than 6 seconds and the 1,500 (winning time of 4:52.19) by more than 25 seconds.

Just in the beginning stages of her senior season as the defending state champion, Krack has set some lofty goals.

"There's always records," Krack said of her goals.

Krack wants to challenge the Class B mile record at the state meet. Lindsay Anderson of Leeds holds the state record at 4 minutes, 56 seconds. Anderson, who set the record in 2005, ran collegiately at Iowa and UND.

Late last year, Krack's best time of 5:07 is 11 seconds off the record pace.

"I think it's doable," Krack said.

Anderson said Krack has always had the endurance but her strength has improved as she's gotten older.

"Judging by race times, I haven't been out of this world but the strength this year is a big difference," Krack said. "I feel like the shorter distances will be stronger. In cross country this year, I got outkicked. Now, I feel like I have that kick."

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Krack. At one point in her sophomore season, she thought she had peaked. Her times were slowing, and she couldn't figure out why.

"We couldn't crack the code," Anderson said. "I know she really felt like, in her mind, she let the team down. But we were telling her she was working as hard as she can. It was pretty amazing. We couldn't figure out why she was struggling so much."

It turns out, Krack was battling with anemia. Once she adjusted her iron intake, Krack's training was able to return to form.

But although Krack has been dominating competition this spring, her time as a competitive runner is coming to an end, she said.

Despite college track and field coaches trying to talk her out of it, Krack plans to attend UND and focus on a dietetics major and not participate in college running.

"She has a good head on her shoulders," Anderson said. "She's a better student and person than a runner. We're very lucky."

Krack said she loves nutrition and running.

"That's some people's dream (to run track in college) but it's not my dream," Krack said. "I'm going to follow my other dream."

Red River Valley

Conference Indoor Meet

At UND's High Performance Center, Thursday

Boys team totals

Hillsboro-Central Valley 121, Oak Grove 116, Thompson 95, Griggs County Central 57, Pembina County North 50, Mayville-Portland-Clifford-Galesburg 35, Nelson County 32, Larimore 25, Drayton-Valley-Edinburg 22, Hatton-Northwood 20, Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page 12

Top 3 individuals

60-1. Isaac Olson, OG, :06.77; 2. Isaac Luithle, HCV, :06.96; 3. Jayden Laxdal, PCN, :07.02

200-1. Luithle, HCV, :22.99; 2. Olson, OG, :23.00; 3. Laxdal, PCN, :23.53

300-1. Olson, Oak Grove, :37.87; 2. Pierce Cooper, Thompson, :38.33; 3. Sam Roller, Thompson, :38.96

600-1. Chase Fossum, HCV, 1:29.64; 2. Jonathon Asche, OG, 1:29.90; 3. Tommy Conmy, OG, 1:38.87

1,500-1. Jacob Hendrickson, Thompson, 4:23.72; 2. Jake Leininger, NC, 4:31.23; 3. Ben Asheim, OG, 4:31.73

3,000-1. Hunter Denault, PCN, 10:10.47; 2. Mark Sammons, GCC, 10:30.31; 3. Evan Halvorson, NC, 10:40.49

60 hurdles-1. Tyler Niemi, OG, :09.26; 2. Ryan Juve, Thompson, :10.17; 3. Liam Schull, Thompson, :10.34

4x300 relay-1. Hillsboro-Central Valley (Devin Hankel, Parker Gallagher, Jack Paulsrud, Luke Dryburgh) 2:44.93; 2. Mayville-P-C-G 2:45.61; 3. Pembina Co. North 2:50.08

4x400 relay-1. Hillsboro-Central Valley (Ezra Longthorne, Oscar Benson, Fossum, Luithle) 3:37.26; 2. Oak Grove 3:40.27; 3. Thompson 3:55.06

4x600 relay-1. Oak Grove (Gavin Sunderland, Asheim, Noah Swenson, Conmy) 6:05.83; 2. Thompson 6:06.78; 3. Hillsboro-CV 6:26.71

Long jump-1. Benson, HCV, 19-3.5; 2. Joseph Akiri, OG, 19-0; 3. Jayden Laxdal, PCN, 18-6

High jump-1. Longthorne, HCV, 6-2; 2. Jake Leininger, NC, 6-0; 3. James O'Toole, DVE, 5-6

Triple jump-1. Akiri, OG, 40-6; 2. Roller, Thompson, 38-7.5; 3. Hunter Gronneberg, GCC, 37-2

Pole vault-1. Mitchell Coleman, HN, 10-0; 2. Gallagher, HCV, 10-0; 3. Kyle Alfson, HCV, 9-6

Shot put-1. Austin Widmer, OG, 54-6; 2. Conner Slama, DVE, 42-4.5; 3. Kaden Pastian, HCV, 41-11

Girls team totals

Mayville-Portland-Clifford-Galesburg 110, Thompson 107, Hillsboro-Central Valley 78.5, Oak Grove 65.5, Hatton-Northwood 64, Pembina County North 63.5, Griggs County Central 35.5, Larimore 29, Nelson County 23, Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page 8

Top 3 individuals

60-1. Ella Holkesvig, HN, N/A; 2. Ivy Daws, Larimore, N/A; 3. Camryn Adams, HN, N/A

200-1. Izzy Shirek, Thompson, :27.57; 2. Sophie Nichol, OG, :27.59; 3. Tatum Limke, HCV, :28.97

300-1. Reagan Baesler, HCV, :45.55; 2. Jensyn Zink, HCV, :46.62; 3. Kaela Schultz, Thompson, :47.14

600-1. Lana Krack, Thompson, 1:43.85; 2. Baesler, HCV, 1:50.11; 3. Zink, HCV, 1:50.40

1,500-1. Krack, Thompson, 4:52.19; 2. Anna Strand, MPCG, 5:17.62; 3. Ahna Mehus, MPCG, 5:23.03

3,000-1. Jenna Soine, HN, 11:54.35; 2. Ellen Gregoire, Larimore, 12:05.34; 3. Ellie Brown, GCC, 12:32.76

60 hurdles-1. Shirek, Thompson, :09.38; 2. Lauren Forness, OG, :10.17; 3. Laura Paulsrud, HCV, :10.48

4x300 relay-1. Oak Grove (Kelyn Johnson, Jaycie Gunderson, Lauren Forness, Nichol) 3:08.82; 2. Hatton-Northwood 3:14.30; 3. Mayville-P-C-G 3:14.67

4x400 relay-1. Thompson (Shirek, Schultz, Lexi Telehey, Krack) 4:29.99; 2. Oak Grove 4:36.58; 3. Hillsboro-CV 4:40.07

4x600 relay-1. Thompson (Claire Snyder, Emma Cullen, Schultz, Krack) 7:21.53; 2. Mayville-P-C-G 7:28.87; 3. Hillsboro-CV 7:44.50

High jump-1. Shirek, Thompson, 5-1; 2. Elaine Martinez, PCN, 4-7; 3. Kelyn Johnson, OG, 4-7

Long jump-1. Lexi Telehey, Thompson, 15-1.5; 2. Hanna McIntyre, MPCG, 14-4.5; 3. Martinez, PCN, 13-3

Triple jump-1. Nora Peterson, MPCG, 34-9.5; 2. McIntyre, MPCG, 30-11; 3. Eden Carrier, PCN, 30-4.5

Pole vault-1. Peterson, MPCG, 8-0; 2. Brooklyn Groth, MPCG, 7-6; 3. Jenna Larson, GCC, 6-6

Shot put-1. Paige Haakenson, NC, 38-6; 2. Erin Haugen, GCC, 34-9; 3. Taryn Snyder, PCN, 33-0