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NDHSAA approves new pitch count regulation

GFC's Blaise Monte (15) fires a pitch towards the plate at Kraft Field in Grand Forks. Herald File photo by.Jesse Trelstad1 / 2
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VALLEY CITY, N.D. — The North Dakota High School Activities Association's board of directors approved regulation for pitch counts that will go into effect for the 2017 baseball season.

Both Class A and Class B teams will have to adhere to the regulation.

Here are the parameters:

• During the regular season a pitcher can throw no more than 120 pitches per day and will be limited to 0-30 pitches on zero days of rest, 31-45 pitches on one day of rest, 46-60 on two days of rest, 61-75 pitches on three days of rest and 76-120 on four days of rest since last pitching appearance.

• During the playoffs, a pitcher can throw a maximum of 135 pitches for the entire tournament with an 120-max for a day. A pitcher will be limited to 0-45 pitches on zero days of rest, 46-90 on one day of rest and 91-120 on two days of rest since last pitching appearance.

• If a team plays two games in one day, a pitcher can pitch in both games.

• If the daily or postseason maximum pitch count is reached during an at-bat the pitcher will be allowed to finish that batter.

• Home book is the official book for pitch counts.

• If a pitch count tracker is present he or she is the official pitch count.

• Tournament managers will track pitch counts during postseason.

• Play-in games are counted as postseason games and will be included for pitch counts.

• Intentional walks do not count toward a pitcher's pitch count.

• If a pitcher is found to have exceeded the pitch count regulation, the game will be ruled a forfeit and the player must sit out the following game.