Q. What was your first introduction to football?

A. My dad (Jay) is a football coach for my high school in Menomonie (Wis.), so I was a football manager in kindergarten. I was running around the field for a while before I put pads on.

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Q. You're now on scholarship, but you started your UND career as a walk-on. What was your recruiting story?

A. The coaching staff change at UND was my recruiting year. I had been in contact with Danny Freund for a while, but I didn't get on campus until the weekend right before signing day. I was verbally committed to Winona State, but I changed my mind at the last second.

Q. Your teammates wanted you to be asked about your shark bite story. What's that about?

A. I've got two different sized calves. What I tell everyone is I was bit by a shark when I was younger. The actual story is I was born with a defect called club foot. It's more fun to tell the shark bite story. I like to see how many freshman every year I can get with that. There might be some people who still actually believe that. If that's the case ... sorry.

Q. What's in your Netflix queue?

A. I'm an action kind of guy. My favorite movie, though, I would say is Shawshank Redemption.

Q. What's your pregame routine?

A. I put my right shoe on first, then my left. Then I tie my left shoe first, then my right.

Q. What's your pregame music selection?

A. I like a little rap or a little rock ... whatever gets me going.