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columnist Rob Port

Rob Port


Rob Port was a pioneer in political blogging in North Dakota, founding in 2003. Since then he's worked in talk radio and published print columns as well. Currently he publishes digital and print columns for the Forum News Service, and also hosts the Plain Talk podcast.

Before beginning his writing career, he spent 10 years working as a private investigator specializing in insurance fraud, accessing public records, and criminal defense.

He speaks English.

The politics of American popular culture are a lot more monolithic than the politics of Americans.
Scott Davis, who worked under three North Dakota governors as the commissioner of Indian affairs, earned the honor from the Atlanta Braves.
The Lizard King of North Dakota politics (OK, they didn't actually use that particular epithet) is a "mafia boss" and a "tyrant" who is figuratively assassinating people with ... positive campaign messaging?
"I no longer have to answer your questions," she told a reporter.
These supposed liberty lovers will argue that the state constitution makes Burgum's political engagement illegal.
"The complainant has been made whole. A check was cut, and an affidavit was signed," Sen. Jason Heitkamp's defense attorney says.
Rep. Luke Simons, who is proud of his historic expulsion from the North Dakota Legislature, used his Facebook account to hatch a conspiracy theory about the Uvalde, Texas, shooting.
On this episode of Plain Talk we discuss the tragedy in Texas, and discuss proposal from a Republican legislative primary candidate to cut North Dakota property taxes by 50 percent.
North Dakota has a ban on corporate contributions to political candidates, but based on a few examples around the state, it seems many candidates are either flouting it, or not even aware it exists.
We should be using our free press, and our consent as voters, to hold arrogant, bullying politicians who have grown far too comfortable with their power accountable. We shouldn't be encouraging them.