Prairie Business Editor's Note for December 2022: Balance for success

A note from Prairie Business Editor Andrew Weeks

Andrew Weeks
Andrew Weeks
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Three years ago when I arrived to take the helm of Prairie Business, I wrote my first editor’s note for the December 2019 issue. As a newbie to the Dakotas and Minnesota, I was excited to see the high-caliber people in business who make the region a great place to live and work.

Now, in 2022, I am just as excited to see that business – and business leadership – remains strong in the region. How can it not be with such exemplary, and often young, professionals leading the charge?

December is when Prairie Business honors 40 of the region’s young and ambitious leadership, those who have, are and, by all counts, will continue to make an impact in their careers and communities.

There is something I have learned from the leadership we have recognized over the years since I’ve been here: Ambition, good work ethic, innovation, community service, family … success. To achieve and be good at any of it, let alone all of it, and ultimately achieve a measure of success, however one may define it, takes balance.

The young professionals in this issue, all under the age of 40, have learned how to balance everything on their full plates. Of course, there is always trial and error, but success doesn’t come easy – nor does achieving the standard to be named as a Prairie Business 40 Under 40 recipient.


Read on to see who made this year’s list and some of the things they’ve accomplished in their careers to date. We look forward to the future of the region, knowing these professionals will continue to do great things in their careers and communities. In turn, such efforts have a trickle-down effect and impact us all in some way.

And next year Prairie Business will honor another group of young, under the age of 40 professionals. PB staff looks forward to that.

For now, a big congratulations and hearty thank you to all of the 2022 award recipients!

Andrew Weeks is an award-winning journalist who has reported for a number of newspapers and magazines. He currently is the editor of Prairie Business, the premier business magazine of the northern plains. The magazine covers various industries and business topics in the Dakotas and western Minnesota.
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