Prairie Business asks 'What is one of your main goals to accomplish in business in 2023?'

Every month, Prairie Business asks a question of regional businesses. This month the question focuses on 2023 plans

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Every month, Prairie Business asks a question of regional businesses. This month the question focuses on 2023 plans

Question: "What is one of your main goals to accomplish in business in 2023?”

Steve Burian
President and CEO
Burian & Associates
Grand Forks & Fargo, N.D. 

Steve Burian
Steve Burian
Image: Courtesy of Burian & Associates

I welcome 2023, riding an escalating curve as a business trajectory. That said, I’m one to constantly seek performance improvements. Straining the limits of the hamster wheel to hit new milestones is both a blessing and a curse. It can build empires, but sometimes at a cultural cost. My 2023 goal is not about milestones and performance indicators, but instead focuses on living life in the moment, appreciating our great team and positive developments within the business.

Successful engineers develop long-term plans for infrastructure, anticipating every possible failure. Recommendations are based on data, engineering judgment, and wisdom learned from past successes and failures.


Life’s true rewards, however, do not come from reliving past missteps or dreaming about the future. True rewards are reaped in the present—the excitement of welcoming a new teammate, the satisfaction of teamwork to solve a tough problem, or celebrating a client’s implementation of a new program or opening a new facility.

A new engineering graduate recently gave me a fist bump when she and I wrapped up a demanding project, which brought great satisfaction. My goal for 2023 is to be more intentional about pausing in these moments to appreciate them, rather than jumping immediately ahead to tackle the next problem.

Shannon Full
President & CEO
The FMWF Chamber
Moorhead, Minnesota

Shannon Full.jpg
Shannon Full (Submitted photo)

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber exists to be a catalyst for the growth and prosperity of our community and entire region. A major milestone for 2023 is to begin the process of building a Center for Business and Commerce in our community. This hub would not only serve as the new physical home for The Chamber, but a place for the community and mission-aligned organizations to exist and carry out their missions to serve and enhance our region.

Our community's drive and hunger to succeed is second to none, and our ability to convene groups and rally together to create opportunities, solutions and integral partnerships will continue to define the success of our region. This Center for Business and Commerce is a next step that will redefine how we promote and protect business, inspire innovation, cultivate communities and influence action. The Chamber and our partners will need our entire business community to rally behind us to make this happen. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming months, and to discover how we can work together to bring this to fruition.

Michelle Mongeon Allen, FAIA, LEED AP
CEO, JLG Architects


Michelle Mongeon Allen
Michelle Mongeon Allen, CEO of JLG Architects. (Submitted photo)

2023 is all about leveraging our team’s strengths for the greater good of our clients and our communities. We have invested wisely in people, working together to strategize, mentor, grow, and build a better firm to be the local and national powerhouse our clients need.

We’ve always felt we were capable of helping our clients and team overcome any future challenge – and throughout the pandemic, our efforts were put to the test. Not only did we hold a firm footing, but we grew exponentially by simply putting people first, then building on our team’s strengths.

This year, we want to use that resiliency and help clients see what is possible through a larger lens, not only reworking today’s reality, but helping them to envision a brighter future with meaningful solutions that remove barriers. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or relocation, with the right solution, there is enormous potential to achieve financial goals while changing the narrative for employees, students, athletes, patients, and the surrounding community.

In 2023, people and well-being will continue to be our driving force across every project, and often that means going to bat for the grants and fundraising that expand the lens.

It’s not just about great design and beautiful buildings anymore, it’s about right-sizing space, sustainable construction that reduces operating costs, transforming workforce retention, and creative concepts that enhance productivity while identifying untapped purpose.

Marlene Miller
Director of People Resources 
Grand Forks, N.D.

Marlene Miller Headshot.jpg
Marlene Miller (Submitted photo)

Altru is committed to improving health and enriching life of our team members, their families and our patients. Now, more than ever, is the time to ensure our teams are engaged and connected to Altru’s mission. Culture building is continuous and our top 2023 priority is focused on our people. The ripple effect of engaged providers and employees impacts patient care, financial outcomes, growth strategies and quality. All are key drivers and we are committed to retaining our team who selflessly care for family, friends and neighbors in the communities we serve. As such we have established engagement priorities from the voice of our employees and associated action plans, with a focus on innovation, recognition, debunking misconceptions, and fresh ways to communicate with a focus on retention. We continue our unprecedented investment in leadership development, maintaining a psychologically safe work environment, and sharing our employee’s pride in their work.

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