Marvin opens new distribution center in West Fargo

The company says it also has plans to open another facility in May in Fargo.

Marvin new distribution center
Marvin employees and others join in celebrating the opening of the company’s West Fargo distribution center in March.
Image: Courtesy of Marvin

Marvin, a window and door manufacturer, opened a new distribution center in March in West Fargo, and plans to soon open another facility. Both will create more jobs in the area.

The new distribution center adds 148,000 square feet to the company’s operations in the Fargo area, said Chris Barta, senior director of operations. The next facility, to open in May in Fargo, will be a 127,000-square-foot manufacturing plant.

“In total,” he said, “these two new buildings will add over 275,000 square feet to Marvin's operations in this region.”

Construction got underway last summer, Barta said, noting the timing of its completion allowed the company to partner on the finishing construction to determine overall layout and interior spaces to fit its needs.

Marvin new distribution center-2
Marvin opened this 148,000-square-foot distribution center in March in West Fargo. The company plans to open another facility in May.
Image: Courtesy of Marvin

When Barta answered questions for Prairie Business in March, shortly after the celebratory opening of its new center, he said about 90 current employees were being transitioned into the new distribution center but that the company hoped to add another 150 by year’s end.


He said these two facilities are a nod to the bigger story that is Marvin right now. “Over the last two years, our story has been one of growth,” he said. “We’ve seen increasing demand for Marvin window and door solutions, which meant we needed to look at expansion opportunities. We also have continued growth plans for the overall Marvin window and door portfolio.

The new distribution center adds loading capacity and improves loading efficiencies, doubling the amount of space and the number of dock doors. It also increases capacities in current plants by freeing up space currently occupied by loading docks.

What some might take granted, Marvin doesn’t. A standout feature in the new facility is its air conditioning.

“While we know there are plenty of months where we don’t need it, Fargo summers make for uncomfortably warm temperatures where air conditioning will be a huge asset and something not commonly found in manufacturing facilities due to size and cost,” Barta said.

“In addition, we’ve been investing in our breakrooms across all our Fargo and West Fargo facilities, including providing healthier on-site lunch options for our teams, which will also be available in the distribution center.”

The company’s manufacturing facilities concentrate on products that leverage its proprietary Ultrex fiberglass, Barta said, the backbone of the company’s Elevate and Essential product collections.

Marvin currently operates six facilities with more than 1,700 employees in Fargo and West Fargo. For those looking for work, Barta said now is a good time to apply, with positions starting at $20 an hour with benefits eligibility on the first day of employment.

“We continue to invest in the communities in which we do business,” he said. “We’re pleased to have secured additional space in the Fargo area to meet demand while continuing to grow the business in a thriving community.”

Andrew Weeks is an award-winning journalist who has reported for a number of newspapers and magazines. He currently is the editor of Prairie Business, the premier business magazine of the northern plains. The magazine covers various industries and business topics in the Dakotas and western Minnesota.
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