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Insights & Intuition for January 2022

Four business professionals in the region answer a question for January.

Insights & Intuition
Insights & Intuition
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Every month Prairie Business asks several business professionals a question, and they answer with their industry insight and perspective.

The question for January is, "How do you and your team go about goal-setting for a new year? And, name at least one goal you have set for 2022?"

Below are responses from four of the region's business professionals, all of them experts in their respective fields:

Andrea Boe, engagement director, AE2S, Grand Forks, N.D. 

Andrea Boe
Andrea Boe
Image: Courtesy of AE2S

In general, AE2S sets measurable goals every year based on strategic planning that takes place every two to three years. At an individual level, our employee-owners set their own KPIs (key performance indicators) that support the larger collective goals.


One goal that has emerged both at an individual and collective level is employee-owner engagement. Engagement is so important that a position was created to spearhead the efforts. We are investing heavily into activities and tools that will connect our teams, bolster our culture, and support our growth into the next decade.

In 2018, AE2S transformed into a 100% employee-owned company. Since then, we have seen the benefits of truly engaging everyone in the company to embrace our mission and vision.

The goals we have set to support robust engagement focus on having consistent and transparent discussions about the health and goals of AE2S, making information accessible so everyone can learn about the business, and creating avenues for quantitative and qualitative feedback so leadership can make informed decisions as we craft our strategic action plans.

Tim Hager, president/owner, Adams Inc., Fargo, N.D.

Tim Hager
Tim Hager
Image: Courtesy of Adams Inc.

At Adams Inc. our first priority is servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. Our main goal every year is to make sure all of our customers are our number one priority.

By making this the main goal we are able to set supportive goals within the team members’ roles to make this happen. Setting one large goal sets you up to be successful with the smaller, but equally important goals.

One of our supportive goals for 2022 is to increase efficiencies within our processes to increase profits without adding costs to our customers.

Justin Farkas, Regional Manager, ReadiTech IT Solutions, Fargo, N.D. 


Justin Farkas
Justin Farkas
Image: Courtesy of ReadiTech IT Solutions

Setting goals is extremely vital to the success of any organization. At ReadiTech IT Solutions, we evaluate the success of the previous year’s goals, and use that as a baseline for the upcoming year. Measurement of our success can be in many aspects, such as profitability, customer satisfaction, employee morale, vendor relationships, and customer retention. We review areas that were successful and build on those foundations.

We also investigate our spaces that were not as successful and create new paths to be successful. In the information technology industry, we study historical trends, review with our clients the current standards, and collaborate with our vendors to predict future requirements.

At ReadiTech IT Solutions, one major goal that we have set for 2022 pertains to cybersecurity. It is our goal to properly educate and train all our clients, present and future, on the topic of cybersecurity, and how we can work together to successfully navigate cybercrime.

We have set a goal to implement continuous training with our clients on cyber security. Together, we can arm our clients with education and weapons to properly defend against the cyber terrorists.

Ryan Hoffman, vice president, managing director, Fargo Operations, Marsh McLennan Agency, Fargo, N.D.

Ryan Hoffman
Ryan Hoffman
Image: Courtesy of Marsh McLennan Agency

Each department within our organization engages in strategic planning with a focus on improved client services, efficiency, growth and employee development. Like any other business, we seek to make financial progress and build a budget to support that growth.

We build our goals on a variety of factors; historical performance, economic influence and a study of our pipeline of future partnerships. While we don’t have a crystal ball, our finance team does an amazing job forecasting us to a great position every year.

While we have garnered learnings through the pandemic that we will carry with us into the future, our goal for 2022 is simply getting our teams back together. While we have found new opportunities for virtual collaboration around the world, there is no substitute for experiential learning and relationship development that takes place in an in-person environment.

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