Editor's note: Celebrating this year’s Top 25 Women in Business

Prairie Business honors this year's Top 25 Women in Business, dedicated and expert professionals who come from varied backgrounds and industries.

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Twenty-five is a solid number. Depending on how it is used, it marks significant milestones or achievements. In years, it means a quarter of a century. For Prairie Business, it means the year’s top female business professionals.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Prairie Business couldn’t be more pleased with the recipients of this year’s Top 25 Women in Business.

Turn the pages to see for yourself – profiles of 25 dedicated and expert professionals who come from varied backgrounds, businesses, and industries. Each is exceptional at what she does, and this year’s honorees strengthen what we’ve always believed – that the region is filled with talented female leaders who make a difference in their careers and communities.

There is something we always feel bad about, though: Knowing of the other remarkable women who were not selected. That doesn’t mean they are not deserving of recognition, and we urge those who nominated them to submit again next time.

The fun starts when we see the nominations pile up. And then we get to review each one. After notifying the selected recipients, it isn’t long before we start having short biographies and photos of the winners. The fun accelerates once these items go to production with the rest of the magazine’s editorial and advertising content, and each item is laid out and designed on the pages. The end result is what you are now holding in your hand – or perhaps viewing on your cell phone, desktop monitor or tablet.


The process of putting out a monthly magazine is, in fact, exciting on a number of levels and it is always enjoyable to see hard work – from a team effort that includes advertising, editorial, design and production, and finally, printing – come to fruition.

Besides the Top 25, this issue has stories about travel and tourism, including a peek at how business and corporate travel is shaping up for 2022; a story about new technology on the horizon for farming and agriculture; the construction spotlight of a new clinic to open later this year in Fargo, North Dakota, by Essentia Health; an interview with an exceptional student at Black Hills State University; and a look inside Noridian, a company with offices in many locations across the Midwest, including right here in the northern Plains.

There’s more, of course, and it’s enough to keep a person reading for a while, but it’s those Top 25 Women in Business we’re most excited about this time. We hope you are, too. Enjoy!

Andrew Weeks
Andrew Weeks

Andrew Weeks is an award-winning journalist who has reported for a number of newspapers and magazines. He currently is the editor of Prairie Business, the premier business magazine of the northern plains. The magazine covers various industries and business topics in the Dakotas and western Minnesota.
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