Every month Prairie Business asks several regional business leaders a question, and they answer with their perspective and insight.

The question we asked for February is: “What product or service do you offer that makes your business stand out from the competition?”

Below are how four of the region's exemplary business leaders responded:

Austin Morris, co-founder of Enclave, Fargo, N.D.

As a uniquely qualified and involved developer, builder, and manager of real estate, our diligence and thoughtfulness allow us to truly serve our clients and partners from land sourcing through design, planning, building, and real estate management.

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Our clients gain a unique advantage through our team’s involvement from beginning to end; whether we’re managing the building after it’s completed or not, we take immense pride in being able to listen to and advise clients comprehensively to achieve their objectives. The project must achieve the client’s goals and exceed what’s found in the marketplace.

We love challenges and being a valued partner to create inspiring places to live, work, and play.

Jason Pittmann, principal contract administrator, Architecture Incorporated, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Jason Pittmann
Jason PittmannImage: Courtesy of Architecture Incorporated

Creative solutions and proven service are two unique offerings that separate Architecture Incorporated from its competitors. Many firms claim to provide excellent service, but fall short of expectations. For the past 44 years, Architecture Incorporated has consistently been retained by previous clients for subsequent building projects, proving the outstanding quality of our construction documents, talented staff, and exceptional service.

It can sometimes be difficult to convey this unrivaled level of service to a prospective client, which is why we are grateful for the plethora of testimonials and referrals we receive from our existing clients. For example, after unforeseen circumstances arose on a recent renovation project, members of our team rushed to develop a temporary, yet innovative, solution which allowed the project to be completed on time. This ensured that the owner was able to maintain their contractual obligations to their customers.

In response, this valued client emailed our office boasting “The entire team at Architecture Incorporated always amazes me! I really appreciate the level of dedication and support that your team gives to all of our projects.” Words like this are powerful and characterize what sets Architecture Incorporated apart quality service not found anywhere else in the industry!

Tom Wesley, AIA, principal architect, ICON Architectural Group, Grand Forks, N.D.

At ICON, we offer the ability and expertise to incorporate technology systems into a design from the very beginning stages of creation. From digital wayfinding signage to LED messaging displays to security systems, our team brings forth a diverse toolbox of technology applications that allow us to stand out from our competitors.

Throughout the entire design process, our team utilizes technology implementation to enhance the overall experience of the end user. Technology-driven design can build more productive, efficient, and functional living and working spaces.

A proper built environment is one that is digitally connected throughout. A “smart” design is pivotal in any industry and one that must not be overlooked. ICON recognizes the value of technology integration and prioritizes including digital concepts in a design that are a direct reflection of the latest trends in the industry, while also staying up to date with new advancements and executing these in upcoming projects. Our team of architects collaborate with our technology specialists to create seamless technology integration for a total solution.

Andrew McKenzie, interactive services advisor, Network Center Inc., Fargo, N.D.

NCI is not your typical full-service IT provider. In addition to traditional technology services and support such as servers, managed IT, and networking or security, NCI also has a full-fledged interactive development team. The department focuses on custom applications and websites as well as integrations between existing applications.

This allows NCI to work with customers to develop the right applications for the task at hand that can be seamlessly incorporated into their technology environment, rather than purchasing prebuilt, off-the-shelf solutions that can be difficult and expensive to integrate.

If you already have the right applications but they don’t talk to each other or provide valuable enough insights, NCI’s developers and engineers can explore integrations between applications to help customers stay efficient and informed through automation. These types of solutions help customers get away from redundant and time-consuming tasks and focus on their business.

The NCI development team, in addition to the help desk technicians and engineers, allows customers to utilize a single IT company to understand their technology stack top to bottom and can provide valuable insight on maximizing performance of all things IT.