On the search for the next star employee? Many companies have strategic ways they go about seeking potential candidates.

Prairie Business recently interviewed several businesses about what their approach is to hiring new employees and the important skills and attributes they look for in potential hires.

TJ Kreuziger, global leader of talent acquisiton for 3M, shared, among other topics, the company's approach to seeking a talented workforce.

An approach to hiring new employees

What’s the best way you’ve found to let prospective employees learn about openings?

3M has a multi-faceted approach to reaching candidates. Some of the best ways we’ve found to reach candidates is through emailed job alerts for those who have joined our Talent Community at 3M.com, sponsored jobs on Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn, and 3M’s employee advocacy program.

What does your company’s hiring process entail?

Our hiring process is ever evolving, especially now that we’re all dealing with the global COVID-19 crisis. We work to engage with potential candidates through social media and other channels. Once they apply for a position, the interview process likely includes a phone interview and an in person or virtual interview. Throughout the hiring process, we try to give candidates an opportunity to learn about life at 3M and opportunities that may be available to them as employees.

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Are there new strategies you plan to use when hiring in a post-pandemic world?

The pandemic is having an impact on how we recruit and our overall hiring processes. It’s possible we’ll see more work being done remotely in future. For instance, we see virtual interviews continuing in some capacity going forward.

Important skills and attributes

What are the most important attributes you look for in a potential new hire, and what leadership skills are most important?

When looking for a future 3Mer and leader, the candidate’s ability to be innovative, collaborative and inclusive are some of the most important qualities. These are some of the core tenets of 3M’s culture and are important factors for the individual’s and company’s future success.

How does the company train or encourage internal candidates to prepare for executive roles?

3M provides experiential and social learning programs to help employees build the skills, mindsets and behaviors to lead our organization.

Highlights of the company

What benefits seem to be the most important when retaining employees?

A career at 3M provides candidates the opportunity to have many careers and roles at one company, across the globe. In addition to the global and multiple career opportunities, 3M offers a range of benefits and competitive pay intended to attract, retain and motivate the high-performing employees we depend on for growth and success. To ensure that our pay remains aligned with our desire to remain competitive, 3M regularly benchmarks pay and benefits with other companies that are comparable in size and scope. We also realize different people value different aspects of their work life. Some employees may want more flexibility in their work schedules while others may want more training or development opportunities. As a result, we try to provide various opportunities to employees.

What’s the company’s philosophy on work/life balance?

For more than 70 years, 3M’s unique 15% Culture has encouraged employees to set aside a portion of their work time to proactively cultivate and pursue innovative ideas that excite them. … While coordinating with their manager to ensure day-to-day responsibilities are still executed, employees get the space to try something new and different, think creatively and challenge the status quo.

What’s the best thing about working for your company?

3Mers are amazing! 3M has 96,000 of the most brilliant and inclusive minds around the globe. Every day they do work that matters, applying science in ways that make a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.