FARGO, N.D. • Two media production companies are excited about the new opportunities a merger will provide. 

Media Productions merged with Super Studio, both Fargo-based companies, in early February. The merger creates an enhanced Super Studio, offering a variety of media solutions to prairie_businesses and events. 

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“We became part of that group for a number of reasons,” said Lee Massey, founder of Media Productions, a video, animation, photography and audio production company. “One was so that we could fulfill some client requests that we were receiving, to do printed materials and more creative work on both audio and video, especially with events, and so it was a great opportunity.”

Media Productions started in the mid-1970s, providing events and media content for clients across the country. Super Studio was formed as a graphic design and video production company.

Massey shared his excitement about the merger, saying 2020 is an exciting year for both him and the company he created. 

“Media Productions turns 45 this year, and I turned 70, which means that I'm long overdue for retirement,” he said. “So that's what sort of gave us the push to really combine the two organizations, because we've been working hand-in-hand for years anyway.”

Super Studio Director Dawn Koranda, who will resume her role for the enhanced Super Studio, said it made sense that the two companies would join forces. 

“We were seeing that we had some overlap in our service offerings, and we at Super Studio started getting more and more into video production and editing,” she said. “And that is a service that Media Productions had as well, and so we looked at our models and we decided this makes sense to bring us all together. That was the major reason behind it.”

Media Productions will relocate offices to the Pioneer Plaza building in downtown Fargo.

“It brings us all together under the same roof – like-minded people to collaborate more and form a deeper, stronger team,” Koranda said.

One goal that comes with the merger is to do more video production and social content for clients. “We really see that’s where it’s going,” she said.

“I think probably the biggest thing, at first glance, is the bucket of services that we provide is really unique to us,” Massey said. “There are other audio companies, video companies, event companies, particular design companies out there, but nobody in our region really has the depth of services that we have – and the experience.”

Koranda said the merger will set both entities up for future growth, especially as each may want to grow in different areas. She said she is proud of her expanded team.

“We have a very flexible, young, fresh, nimble team,” she said. “They're really passionate about what they do. The energy and excitement and passion the team brings. … We have a unique culture,” she said. “I’m just really, really proud of the whole team – where we're going and what we can bring to our clients.”


Prairie Business Editor Andrew Weeks may be reached at aweeks@grandforksherald.com or 701-780-1276. Also find him on Twitter @PB_AndrewWeeks.