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A range of options being studied for the park include new and improved visitor centers in both the north and south units as well as at the Painted Canyon overlook.
Officials will push for a faster construction timeline for the $1.3 billion Red River Valley Water Supply Project, which will provide supplemental water during periods of extended drought to cities including Fargo and Grand Forks.
Summer traffic in Medora, North Dakota, could double once the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library opens in 2026.
The harvest of native plant seeds, including some taken from Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross and Elkhorn Ranch sites, marks a "hands-on-the-ground" step forward for the future western North Dakota attraction.
The donated land is for shared parking, hiking paths and an enhanced access road to the Burning Hills Amphitheatre and adjacent presidential library.
The site, formerly U.S. Forest Service land, will continue to be open to cattle grazing.
A draft bill before an interim committee of the North Dakota Legislature would increase infertility benefits for public employees to $50,000, with the hope the benefit later would be required for all private insurance.
Testimony was given before the North Dakota Legislature’s Acute Psychiatric Treatment Committee, which will draft proposals for addressing the state’s acknowledged crisis in mental health care.
High temperatures will be hot enough to possibly top records set in 1933 in Fargo and Grand Forks.
Hospitals in North Dakota paid up to $200 an hour for traveling nurses, and the state of Minnesota agreed to pay at least $275 an hour to an agency for nurses during the omicron surge.