Turkeys, Czech food, Turtle River are calling

Gas up the car. Head north, east, south or west and you will find a celebration going on at a neighboring town this weekend. It's the weekend to get out and get going.

Gas up the car. Head north, east, south or west and you will find a celebration going on at a neighboring town this weekend. It's the weekend to get out and get going.

At Tabor, Minn., it's Czech Days on Saturday and Sunday. In Cavalier, N.D., they are holding the 14th annual Motorcycle Ride-In on Saturday. There's a Turtle Fest in Turtle River State Park near Arvilla on Saturday. There's a Scandinavian Festival in Roseau, Minn. And it wouldn't be June without my annual letter from Deb Johnson about the turkey barbecue in Aneta, N.D.

She says they have been cooking turkeys for 50 years there. The festival begins today and runs through Sunday. This year, they are having a talent show to get things rolling. They'll have pancakes Saturday morning in the Lutheran church and lunch in the afternoon and evening. The celebration is much more than turkeys. It includes an arts and crafts show and a parade.

Debbie claims Aneta has the world's largest turkey barbecue, and she would like me to bring 50 of my closest friends. They want a big crowd for their golden anniversary, and there will be more than 300 turkeys roasting in the park. Debbie says the turkey barbecue creates the one traffic jam of the year in Aneta, and they just love it.

My problem is that I already had told Pam Hetteen I would gather up two close friends and come to Roseau. There they are having a Scandinavian Smorgasbord and a Maypole raising Saturday afternoon.


Wayne Nelson of sports page fame writes that Mark Dobmeier will run with the World of Outlaws on Friday and Saturday at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks. ... The Farmers Market starts Saturday downtown. ... Season four of Art & Wine Walks begins Saturday afternoon with map locations available at the Blue Moose in East Grand Forks or GuestHouse International in Grand Forks, with a wrap party in Empire Arts Center. ... "Sweet Stuff" is premiering through Saturday in Fire Hall Theatre.

Ask Marilyn

Q. Was dandelion wine ever recognized as worthwhile in this city?

A. Yes, the Herald reported 100 years ago that it was a new industry, and citizens were asking that it be included in the judging categories in the Grand Forks Fair in June. They said that an "ill wind blows nobody good" and if people made enough wine, the dandelions would be exterminated from the lawns and berms of Grand Forks. Fair secretary M.C. Bacheller then made it known that dandelion wine was added as No. 1689 to the culinary list.

Q. How are you coming on your search for the best hamburger?

A. Readers have nominated the burger at the Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks and at the Drive Inn at Grafton, N.D.

Q. What is the most interesting vanity license plate spotted this week?

A. A reader in Mayville, N.D., saw XWIFH8R. That must mean ex-wife hater.


Q. Why did Bishop James O'Reilly make his first visit to Grand Forks 100 years ago this Sunday?

A. He was here for the formal dedication of the new St. Michael's Church building. The church had been completed the previous year.

Q. What do you know about the Dixie Cups?

A. They are not ice cream. They are three ladies who will be singing Saturday night in Aneta, N.D.

William and Playford

Cheerful people of the week: William Sherman and Playford Thorson.

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