MARILYN HAGERTY: Voices from past speak up again in scholarships today

When they passed out the Wayne Lubenow Scholarship, I had an urge to stand up and tell the assembled group of UND communications students about that man. I wanted to share some of the funny things about him.

When they passed out the Wayne Lubenow Scholarship, I had an urge to stand up and tell the assembled group of UND communications students about that man. I wanted to share some of the funny things about him.

He is gone, but his legacy to journalism lives on in the annual scholarship at UND. I wished the students of today could see the earthy, engrossing columns Wayne wrote for newspapers in this area.

Wayne Lubenow lives on in the communications students of today. Maybe some time when they round out their careers, they will pass on a scholarship for those who keep coming down the pike.

It seems to me there is no better way to be remembered than by scholarships for higher education. The communications banquet I attended this spring is one of the myriad at the closing of the UND year. In high school assemblies, students are being honored with scholarships from people who care and in memory of those who have gone before.

At the UND communications banquet, they presented the Thomas Deats award for excellence awarded each year to a junior or senior with an emphasis in visual journalism. Deats was a respected professor. He lives on in this scholarship.


The Charles "Chuck" Johnson scholarship encourages students to pursue a career in sports journalism. The E.E. "Mick" Simmons scholarship preserves the memory of the founder of the Simmons Advertising Agency in Grand Forks.

The M.M. Oppegard Scholarships are a memorial to a man who was publisher of the Grand Forks Herald for 40 years.

Journalism, or communications, is just one field of study in the College of Arts and Sciences from which scholarships flow in May.

There are so many. There should be more. They encourage students to keep plugging away in their chosen fields. Sometimes, they make a difference in whether a student keeps going or checks out. They come from people who wanted to give something back and help young people move ahead.

Polyester party

The weekend arrives with the 11th annual Polyester Party fundraiser for Prairie Harvest Mental Health with music and dancing tonight in the Alerus Center...River Cities Speedway has premier racing on its schedule opening tonight...And the Park Board art display continuing through Sunday in Columbia Mall...Red River High School's Prom is set for Saturday evening...And the Spring Fling will enliven University Park on Saturday with an Old Hollywood theme...U.S. Sen. John Hoeven will speak at graduation ceremonies for the UND School of Law on Saturday morning...Dance Etc is booked for tonight and Saturday evening in the Chester Fritz..."State Road 47" dinner theatre runs tonight and Saturday evening in Riverside Christian School of East Grand Forks...North Dakota Ballet Co. concert "Dance of Life" is the attraction Saturday night at Empire Arts Center.

Mothers are scheduled to have breakfast in bed Sunday, and the traditional Mother's Day concert by high school students is set for Sunday afternoon at the Grand Forks Masonic Center...The sixth annual Antique to Chic jewelry sale and raffle is set for Sunday afternoon at North Dakota Museum of Art...While the Extreme North Dakota Spring Primer Adventure Race will be the Sunday challenge at nearby Turtle River State Park.

Ask Marilyn


Q. I have been curious for some time about how many, on an average, blackout bingos are submitted to the Herald each month where one is drawn for the $500. I couldn't even venture a guess. -- B.A.

A. I couldn't either, B.A. So I checked with people in the Herald circulation department who know about that. I found out it is about 1,500.

Q. Whatever happened to Sani Flush -- that stuff you sprinkle in the toilet and brush around on cleaning days?

A. I don't for the life of me know. I look for it and find only stuff your spray on from containers that defy understanding.

Earl, Gerald, Debra

Cheerful people of the week: Earl Beal, Gerald Gaul, Debra Johnson.

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