MARILYN HAGERTY: Joys of March include hoops in Texas

Dear Shirley, If I had the wings of an angel, I would fly down to Texas A&M and watch the UND women's hoops team in the first round of the NCAA tournament Sunday. Tickets for the game are only $7. It's getting there that takes some doing. But...

Marilyn Hagerty


Dear Shirley,

If I had the wings of an angel, I would fly down to Texas A&M and watch the UND women’s hoops team in the first round of the NCAA tournament Sunday. Tickets for the game are only $7. It’s getting there that takes some doing.

But people will get there. Not only the parents but plenty of fans. And there will be pregame events at Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q. That’s in College Station, Texas.

This is the first time for UND in what they call “the big dance.” Coach Travis Brewster warmed up for it by spinning Marcia Kelley, the UND President’s wife, around when our team beat Montana for the championship Saturday.


She’s pretty nimble. And Coach Brewster was full of joy. He follows the illustrious Gene Roebuck as coach. He was named Coach of the Year. He has his own way of coaching, but I see he is picking up a few of Roebuck’s habits. For one thing, he has started holding a paper cup of ice cubes to chew on. He has not yet learned the art of throwing his clipboard on the floor.

All things are possible, and we hope Madi Buck and crew will win the game in Texas. Hope springs eternal, you know.

Change of season

And spring is making its official debut today, according to the city calendar on my desk. I also heard John Bernstrom of the public information office saying on the radio that homeowners are required to clean up the dog droppings in their own yards.

Yep, Shirley. Required.

This will be no easy endeavor. My yard is peppered after a beastly cold winter of letting Dot.Com the Dachshund out and in quickly. And cleaning up is something you don’t worry about when it’s 30 below with a wind from the north.

I have been checking out the temperatures in Tucson and it looks as though it is time for the winter visitors to come home. Tell them that the snow is melting.

They are holding services Friday at Calvary Lutheran Church for O.A. “Alf” Strinden, Shirley. While hearts are heavy because of his passing, there is so much admiration for this man who lived 96 years - and lived them well. I never saw him without a smile on his face and a friendly greeting.


We once rented a lawn fertilizer gadget from him when he ran Strinden’s Hardware. We took it back because the fertilizer wouldn’t come out. Alf did not laugh. He just smiled and showed us how to open up the dispenser.

It’s the silly little things like that a person remembers. I hope all is well in Tucson and I send my love from the land where cactus does not grow.

Your sister, Marilyn.

P.S. The St. Patrick’s Day celebration at St. Michael’s Church was better than ever - especially when students of Maria Williams sang Irish songs. One of them was Therese Kulas who stars in the “Little Women” production beginning Friday at Sacred Heart School.



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