Letter: With so many questions, people need answers

Many questions need to be answered

Letter to the editor FSA
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Why are we paying our president to fly to Saudi Arabia to ask them to increase production? Why don’t we demand that he allow our own people to drill for oil and use our own resources and be independent as we were under the previous administration? The president says “get used to it.” I refuse to!

Why is there no effort being made to stop the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our borders? Why don’t we demand the border wall be completed?

Why is there no effort being made to curtail inflation and rising gas prices that affect the average working class the most?

Why is it that our farmers use their old, smaller, fuel-efficient, two-wheel drive tractors to mow the hay, while the states and counties use new, large, four-wheel drive tractors or front wheel assist?

Please let your congressmen and ladies know how you feel.

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We can no longer sit back and say well, that is just the way it is, and allow our government to go into private homes without cause or provocation.
From abortion to recession, border security to crime, energy policy to inflation, the partisan framing of major issues by most corporate media are calculated efforts to influence you and define debate.
We watch both sides of the political spectrum talk about the lack of bipartisanship and why the two sides can’t get along.
It was interesting (and alarming) that bison living centuries ago were 37% bigger than the current size of bison. I hope that projections are wrong that bison will become 46% smaller by the end of this century.