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Letter: When will we all just say ‘enough’?

There are so many more of "when will we say enough." I pray for the return of civility, kindness and humanness.

Letter to the editor FSA
We are part of The Trust Project.

When will we say "enough" to:

1. News outlets (local and national) that continue to proffer opinion as news and in that same breath continue to lean into Putin's propagandist rhetoric and lies, along with those who are pushing a supremacist agenda.

2. Letting Ukraine and her people be the fodder for Putin's "special military operation." There is a cost to this peace! More needs to be done by the West, NATO and the UN.

3. Letting those who profess to be Republicans and are propagating white supremist ideologies and conspiracy theories push the Republican party into the party of "white only.” They have moved far from their beginnings.

4. Letting politicians use children as props for hateful legislation and bullying children into disregarding their parents' rules.


5. Letting politicians redistrict voting districts to the advantage of whites while creating barriers for people of color to vote.

6. Allowing for one politician to be sanctioned whereas others who flaunt rules and exhibit perverse behaviors are allowed to go along on their merry way.

7. Two separate standards under the law (at all levels).

8. Allowing a state legislator to denigrate another legislator by labeling them a "groomer" and accusing them of sexualizing kindergarteners.

9. Allowing members of Congress to display their brutish behavior and push a Supreme Court candidate to define "woman" (when those congressional members can't define "woman" let alone "man").

10. Allowing members of Congress to lift one fact, one statistic and paint that one thing as the entirety of a candidate's lifelong work on the bench.

There are so many more of "when will we say enough." I pray for the return of civility, kindness and humanness.

I stand in remembrance of the poem written by Emma Lazarus at the foot of the Statue of Lady Liberty.


I stand with the people of Ukraine and add my prayers to theirs for peace and the end of Putin's savageness.

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