Letter: Voters must eliminate corruption, big money

Letter to the editor FSA

Politics makes us sick? What makes us sick is our dysfunctional political/governmental system. Dysfunctional because it has been corrupted by the huge amounts of money contributed to election campaigns and lobbyists by drug manufacturers, weapons makers, big banks, insurance companies and the wealthy to gain benefits for themselves and their corporations.

Who is responsible for this corrupt, dysfunctional system? All members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the president and all elected and appointed officials of government. These people are responsible for writing the laws, rules and regulations of this system which makes us sick. Both parties play their political attack games and no matter which party is elected to office, we find there has been little or nothing done over the past 40 years to solve our problems of homelessness, gun violence, health care, immigration, corruption, etc.

How do we change the system when those who have the power to change it are those who presently control the system with their money and they like the system the way it is? We change the system by electing only those candidates who are strongly committed to eliminating all opportunities for money to corrupt the system.

It becomes the patriotic duty of every American to seek and support such candidates so that we may restore our political/governmental system to the true democracy envisioned by our founding fathers. Demand that every candidate publicly reveal his or her commitment to eliminating all opportunities for money to corrupt the system.

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