Letter: Vote and complete the census

Letter to the editor FSA

You’re angry. You’re hurt. You’re conflicted. You need to do something. You could organize your closet. You could create art. You could destroy something.

I want you to roar. I want you to be seen and heard. But how do we make sure that once the sound waves dissipate the message remains? Two ways: 1. Complete the 2020 Federal Census 2. VOTE! If you are feeling let down by your leaders, then see to it that you get better ones. If you are left wanting, let’s make sure we get a proper head count this time.

I realize, and hope you do as well, that it is incredibly unfair to assume everyone can easily take part in what are supposed to be these basic constitutional rights and responsibilities. This is where we can help one another. Has your neighbor completed their census? Has your cousin dropped off their ballot? Did your grandma count all the grandkids who live with her? Did your dad remember to mail his ballot back? Covid-19 has unveiled myriad inconsistencies within our country’s infrastructure. But it also showed that in times of crisis, camaraderie and creative thinking are how we can continue on.

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Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ, We are all related.

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