Letter: Virus is out there; follow guidelines

Letter to the editor FSA

Many of us feel that, since we’ve been sequestered in our homes for four weeks or more, we have paid the COVID-19 price. Pictures of crowded bars and restaurants with patrons not obeying the guidelines of wearing masks and physical distancing indicate that people assume they can now re-enter the outside world without any worries or precautions.

The truth is the virus has not disappeared. It is still as prevalent, infectious and scary as it was when we agreed to self-quarantine.

Those who argue it is their constitutional right to ignore the rules must understand that they are putting not only themselves but everyone around them at risk.

They are assuring that Dr. Fauci’s predictions of a disastrous rebound in the numbers of those infected will take place.

Don’t be so selfish. Wear your masks and self-distance. Believe in science, not the false prophet in the White House.

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