Letter: USA is no longer a world-wide embarrassment

Thank God for President Biden and his wisdom, competency, experience, compassion and true American spirit.

Letter to the editor FSA

A recent letter to the Herald claimed that “with Biden comes humiliation and embarrassment.” Maybe on planet “B” where the “B” stands for “Bizarre.” On the contrary, the USA is no longer a worldwide embarrassment. Thank God for President Biden and his wisdom, competency, experience, compassion and true American spirit.

What did the former president accomplish/promise?

• Four years of snake oil salesmanship. His false/misleading claims total 30,573.

• Failed to “on day one” repeal and replace Obamacare.

• Mexico never paid for his “critical” wall.


• Failed to obtain infrastructure funding.

• Tax cuts for the top 1%. Who in their right mind believes he cared about the lesser classes?

• Denied and lied about the reality of COVID, delayed an appropriate response, was responsible for countless deaths, and promoted the injection of disinfectants. Our former “President” should be convicted for negligent homicide.

• Supported white nationalist and other hate groups.

• Denied the reality of climate change. Claimed windmills cause cancer.

• Subjected to the longest audit in the history of the IRS (somebody please call Guinness).

• Subject of the highest number of civil lawsuits and criminal investigations in connection with his conduct before, during and after his term compared to all Presidents before him.

• Surrounded himself with only the “best” people; many of them were indicted and/or convicted and most were patently incompetent.


• Attempted to extort Ukrainian officials for political benefit via fraudulent claims (impeachment #1).

• Promoted/supported an insurrection in an attempt to nullify valid election results based upon false claims that the election was “stolen” (impeachment #2).

The event that occurred on Jan. 6 was an assault on our democracy by traitors/seditionists. Now the majority of Republicans refuse to investigate the crimes. Please ask yourself “why?”

Anyone who continues to support the former Oval Office occupant should watch the documentary titled “#Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump.”

I struggle to come up with anything within the realm of reality to illustrate how we as a country were better off after four years of Trump. The last election proved that the majority of America agrees with me. I have voted Republican in the past. Never again.

Jeff Willert, San Luis Obispo, Cali., formerly of Grand Forks and a UND graduate

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