Letter: Trump first is not “America First”

He is very clearly utilizing his lying skills about his America First priorities.

Letter to the editor FSA

Trump sold half the country on a claim that he values “America First.” He’s also sold a book describing how to effectively and casually lie. He is very clearly utilizing his lying skills about his America First priorities.

He says he wants citizens to have higher stimulus checks, but hasn’t made a single call to Republican leaders negotiating such an important deal. Instead Trump made calls to election officials to “find 11,780 votes” for him, one more than what’s needed to win. He also repeated conspiracy theories that have been widely disproven or brought without evidence, in court. Additionally, he refuses to promote a peaceful transition of power, which enables aggressive, divisive, and violent situations forthcoming.

The U.S. experienced the largest cyberattack in our nation’s history, but Trump has yet to hold accountable or even acknowledge the guilty party – Russia. It’s been confirmed by Trump’s own Secretary of State and Department of Justice, but he refuses to take any action.

A suicide bomber leveled an entire city block on Christmas day, and Trump says nothing about it. He instead tweets about how the Wall Street Journal is unfair to him. He has yet to acknowledge the terrorist attack.

Recordings were released of him admitting he’s been intentionally misleading the American public about how dangerous the Coronavirus is, and that he wants to continue to downplay it. The U.S. still has the highest share of deaths worldwide.


Last year, Trump was found to have pressured a foreign official to smear his political opponent, while withholding vital foreign aid. This was done to benefit him personally, using his private lawyer.

None of this continued behavior is “America First.” It’s Trump first. But I guess that’s the “Art of the Deal,” which costs $8 and the future of our democracy.

Ryan Hilmoe, Grand Forks

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