Letter: Too much noise, but no substance

Deference and disrespect should not be the norm for anyone regardless of race.

Letter to the editor FSA

The term systemic racism is now a frequent and, some may say, a popular theme.

The best example of this term, though I suspect few will agree with me, is the manner in which many Black people regard fellow Blacks.

It’s as if a Black life doesn't matter if you are Black. The rates for robbery, rape and murder perpetrated by Blacks on fellow Blacks is higher than that of any defined minority group.

If Black lives matter, practice what you preach. Deference and disrespect should not be the norm for anyone regardless of race. I must also include sex.

I am, to put it bluntly, fed up with hypocrisy. No one, black white, red, yellow, male or female, young or old, should get a pass. Too much noise and not enough substance.


Ron Schmidt, Tolna, N.D.

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